Prayers/Thoughts/Good Vibes thread

So I know not all of us are religious. But I also know that sometimes people are going through things that means they could use a little help be it from God, if you’re religious like myself or if you would just appreciate people keeping you in their thoughts or sending out good vibes. So this is the place to come. No judgment here just us being there for one another in whatever capacity we can.

You don’t even have to get specific if you don’t want to. Just let everyone know that you’re going through a difficult period.

Thanks @PotatoPercy for the permission.


I feel a bit silly starting us off since I made the thread. But is appreciate prayers and good thoughts for my family especially my aunt. I don’t know all the details yet because she still needs more tests done but it doesn’t sound good. As you guys know I already have gone through a lot this year with losing family members.


Not religious, but I am wishing you good vibes.


Thank you.


I’ll keep your aunt in my prayers, friend!

I recently had a routine medical procedure that seems to have gone well, but it’s one of those things where time will tell if it’s going to be cool or going to be a mess. I would really appreciate any kind of prayers or good vibes anyone has to offer that things will continue to go smoothly!


Thank you. Will do.

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Need thoughts and prayers for my stepdaughter. Her fiancée overdosed on drugs and she found him in the kitchen this morning. :frowning: she’s a mess.


Oh my!

Sending virtual hugs your way.


Thank you. 2022 has been a horrible year.


Ugh, I’m so sorry, PA. I’ll be praying for your family. :heart:

Quick update regarding my prayer request: things seem to be going well so far, so thanks for the positive wishes. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’m glad things are going well. :slight_smile:

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