Posting issues on main site

Why do I have to log out and back in everytime I want to comment on a story?

Are you on Mac? That happens to me when on Safari. No idea why, but it would be either a Disqus or Mac problem (on my end), not Nar.

@PotatoPercy tagging you because you’re staff and you’ve got the easiest name to remember :wink:

I am on PC, Win07 and Win10

@Stephen Haha thanks for the tag fam!

I’m relaying this now! :slight_smile:


I’m back with feedback! We suggest you hit up this link to report it so we can see what’s happening: Contact Support – Funny & True Stories |
We appreciate you reaching out here, but in the future, this isn’t the right place to post main site tech issues. That being said, it sounds like it might be a cache or browser issue. We’d say start there, then submit a report at the above link if that doesn’t help.