Policy on citiy names in stories.


Something I have noticed is that some (indeed most) stories not set in Anglo countries tend to not feature any city or regional name, just the country where it happened.

While I can imagine it’s a lot of the times a matter of the submitter not mentioning any to begin with, there have been a few times (the most recent being this one: Their Holiday Planning Is Totally Fried ) where it seems odd that the submitter didn’t mention the city where the story happened at all, as it would be important to make sense of said story.

Is there any kind of specific policy that makes the editors not put them in? Do some of those stories generically set in “USA” have the name of a location so small, it would be too obvious to spot who wrote what?

Hi, Alboino.

Location data for our stories are represented as tags. Not Always Right has a LOT of tags, so we try not to let that list grow too unwieldy. At one time we included every piece of location data from the submitters, down to the smallest town names. As a result of this, our tag list grew to almost 3000, mostly small town names represented by only one story.

Now the tag list is around 750, maintained by our current policy for location names:

Country is always included if mentioned. The city is included if it’s a capital city or a large enough population area (London, New York, etc.). We don’t have a specific population range for whether we include a city.

Also, sometimes we remove the locations of smaller town names to protect the submitter. If they can be identified from working in the only McDonalds or Walmart in their tiny town, that could spell trouble for them. We keep locations vague to keep submitters anonymous.

Hope that helps!


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