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I was chatting with someone and they requested to read a story about medieval cookery written in rhyme. So I wrote one on the spot. Enjoy.

We tell ye a tale

When cook’ry did fail

For a lass in medieval time

A beast she did hit

And put on a spit

But didn’t wash off the grime.

Though ‘‘twas not great

Her guests, they all ate

With much gusto and with love.

But this sad story ends

With her family and friends’

Souls floating to the heavens above.

Sharon Hendricks


An old poem, related to my writing. Note: it’s not what you’d call traditional poetry, meter is slightly nonexistent.

(Spoilered because it’s a fairly dark poem; there’s no gore, but the imagery presented is nonetheless not of the “pretty” variety.)

I seen it with my own two eyes
A fog so heinous, they all died
Then the spiny dog came.
It crawled 'cross the rocks on insect legs!
I seen it with my own two eyes
But no one believed my, “Silly lies.”
I think it ate them, but who’s to say?
When spiny dogs come our way…


I’m not a poet
And I know it
But if you’re a poet
You should show it


Take eggs of chicken,
Of two, no more!
Whisk with wheat’s crushed soul -
Only half a cup of flour dead
Before one jar of chocolate spread!
Take ye spoon and stir up well,
Add your mixins for a sugar hell!
Line a pan with parchment pure
Add a spray of oil, demure.
Call upon Satan’s fire
To bake your chocolatey desire.
After twenty minutes remove from heat,
Let the brownie cool, then eat.


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