Planned Parenthood vs Cassey ruling?

I keep seeing references in the my local daily paper about not only the Roe vs. Wade ruling but also a Planned Parenthood vs. Cassey ruling. What I can make out of the ruling from what was mentioned previously in the the paper today is that it had something to do with a minor , parental approval and boyfriend’s approval for the minor to have an abortion.

If someone could please explain what the Planned Parenthood vs Cassey ruling was about please?

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It’s beyond me, but i did find this short video summary. I’m not sure if it will make things any clearer, but it did help me a bit.

that did help a lot!


So If I understand correctly, Roe is about the question wether or not abortion is a federal (constitutional) right, and Casey about the rules that states are allowed to make surrounding this abortion?

I too heard about both cases and was wondering about them.

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