Pineapple On Pizza

OK, related question: I really like seafood pizzas (tuna, in particular) but pretty much all of my friends think that is weird and gross. What do you guys think?

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I have never tried pineapple on pizza!
When I was a kid, we got those huge family sized pizzas and a part of it was with pinapple. I tried a slice after removing the pineapple, but still found it gross. Who knows, maybe I’d like it now.

I raise the bar:

This is a normal thing in Sweden. Pizza with curry and banana (usually with ham or seafood)


I feel like this whole ‘death to pineapple on pizza’ is one of those ‘let’s collectively hate something on the internet’ that has been going on for years; The Hawaiian Pizza has existed since the '60s and now all of a sudden people are hating on it.
I like it; I like Pineapple and I like pizza.


A bit similar to the collective love for bacon then? I like bacon but yeesh, calm down people.


I don’t like bacon. And I don’t like a steak that’s medium-rare or rare (I generally don’t like steaks at all actually). People often feel personally insulted by this :o

Cool! My comment on the this story has sparked a debate!

I do enjoy a Hawaiian pizza, especially if I’ve also got a pizza that is heavy on meats.

Mind you, it might be because it is common (at least in England) to serve gammon with a pineapple ring. Maybe it’s something I’m used to.


That’s an argument one of my friends has made. He’s tried to convince me my dislike of it is due to the internet and social media. I haven’t liked it since I first had it in the mid-80s, so…he’s wrong at least where I’m concerned.

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I’m allergic to fresh pineapple so I have to pass

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This came up on my Facebook timeline today and seemed relevant:


I’m afraid that the Bible is against pineapple on pizza.
Deuteronomy 14:3


Speak for yourself Deuteronomy!

So i guess that means no bacon then?

Pineapple’s a very clean fruit! It grows on the leaves, not in the ground!

Mushrooms should not be allowed under those rules.

I couldn’t find any reference to bacon anywhere in either testament, so it must be OK. :smiley:

As far as i know, bacon is a very healthy pig. The pig is poorly, but bacon is cured.


Pineapple, anchovy, and jalapeños is pretty good.

I’ve also had pineapple, ham, and cherry

Plantains are very good with ground beef and scrambled egg

I like crab, Alfredo sauce, and basil


My discord provided a picture to further complicate the discussion:


I mean, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, I am not going to force someone to eat pineapple on pizza.
I just meant like in this whole ‘curse pineapple on pizza to hell’ mentality that has been going around.
it’s one of the 10 most popular toppings in the US, so people clearly like it.
Every couple of year someone online will see something popular and start raging against it and all of a sudden it’s cool to hate that thing.


down with this sort of thing
A handy reference for those people.


*confused noises.