I’m near The Custard Factory in Birmingham, under a viaduct.

The whole area is teeming with street art. There are some people sparying over a mural, not because it was vandalusm, but because the people need a blank canvas for the next mural.

If anyone is ever in the area, access is from Floodgate Street


Full disclosure this is not my photo but my husband’s. This beauty landed on his hand recently.


Out and about in Coventry, and I’ve just seen this on the side of a multistorey car park on New Union Street.


I keep coming back to Poli Nations. It’s the last evening before it gets dismantled tomorrow.

When i arrived, it looked like this:

It now looks like this:

In between, there was this:

…a 40 minute light and music show called Sunset Shift, with performance by Euphorica.

I recorded it, so I’ll post a link to it once I’ve uploaded it tonight


A few pictures from my trip, which won’t upload…

I will have to wait for home.


Currently in Ipswich, revisiting some places of my past. One place was round the back of The Corn Exchange, on Queen Street, where i am reminded of 1993.

A 20 something me was walking past, when I saw gatherings around a covered block. It soon became apparent that this was to do with an elderly man in a wheelchair. I’d seen his phito before, but it was his artwork that I was more familiar with; he had made countless millions smile with his daily cartoons in the Daily Express. It was Carl Giles, and he is best known for Grandma.

I stayed to watch the unveiling of this statue, which was unveiled by Warren Mitchell. After it was unveiled, i decided to do something only a younger, braver me could do, not something I could do nowadays:


I’m glad everyone did join in, or that would have been embarrassing!

In the intervening years, it has suffered a bit of damage, but it has been reoaired. It is also now stood on a taller plinth.

There is a lot to be seen from all angles of this, and also away from the statue. Grandma is looking up at the office window where a young Carl Giles once worked.


Another blast of nostalgia for me. When we moved from London some 45 years ago, we rented a place in Walton, an area just outside Felixstowe (although Felixstowe has since expanded and swallowed Walton and the two Trimley Villages). We were there for about a year before moving elsewhere in Suffolk.

Anyway, not long after moving to Walton, mum took sis and I into Felixstowe to do some shopping. And along the way, we saw this view (albeit in daylight)

…and for the rest of the story, pop over there: