This is the thread to share your pictures and photos! It doesn’t have to be fancy arty stuff, just things you would like to share. Please write something about your photo though, maybe what made you take it, why you like it or a funny anecdote :slight_smile:


Quinta do Lorde, Madeira, April 2021.

We had guests and sailed to this small marina the day before. There are a few hiking paths nearby, and I set my alarm very early to walk up here before the sunrise. It was a very calm and tranquil moment, and I’m very pleased with how the photo turned out


So, we were out doing a few errands, and came back to see this truck parked halfway in a parking stall, halfway up the curb and on the grass. The dog looked so apologetic that I had to grab a photo!


I once started with about 10 little houses, by now it’s a 3 story village which takes me a full day to set up or break down.


On our way to Utrecht! This will be my first time in the Netherlands, not including Schipol Airport, and if I remember it correctly, it’s the 26th country I’ve been to :netherlands::netherlands:


Nice! Welcome! I’ll be waving when I’m driving by.


I’m sure you saw me wave back :slight_smile:

Utrecht is a beautiful place, I almost wish I went to the university here


The Phoenix Botanical Gardens has a Chihuly exhibit.


This is the Tetons in Wyoming as the sun set behind them. I took this picture as my husband and I were headed back to our daughter’s home after a day spent at Yellowstone.


Last Friday, I mentioned to my colleagues that i would be doing the Park run in Bedworth on Saturday. One of them told me about the Sanctuary exhibit which would be on display for a period before being set fire to. This is it:

Unfortunately, as you might have gathered from my posts on Vent Your Frustrations, a trip to the hospital Friday night because i stupidly put fungal nail drops in my eye and not getting into bed until 3am meant that i was not doing the parkrun on Saturday.

Anyway, i decided to go this morning (Sunday) to have a go at the parkrun route on my own. And also see the sanctuary sculpture. Breathtaking…

Literally breathtaking, as the smoking remains kept blowing across the route!

Ah, well…


That looks super cool, too bad it was meant to be burnt :sweat_smile:


Currently sat in this digital art gallery in Coventry.

I think the best way to describe it is like being in a ball-pit kaleidoscope!

Anyone know how to add pictures from mobile? The thing that looks like a picture in the bottom right doesn’t seem to do anything.


Saw this whilst on the bus a few weeks back. Popped by to get a photo of it. This is on the Central Police Station in Coventry


First, i take my photo using the camera function; i don’t do within the comment function here as it doesn’t always work. I then go to create my comment.

When i press this button (the one on the left of the two on the bottom right)

…I get three options (i use Samsung Internet as my mobile browser; it may differ with others).

I choose files, as i have found going straight to camera doesn’t always work.

On my phone, it defaults to recent, so my photo, screen grab should be at the top. If not, i just locate it in the folder structure.

Select the file, and this is important… WAIT FOR THE FILE TO COMPLETELY UPLOAD before you type anything else. If you type while it loads, you’ll find your text jumps all over the place, and you may even accidentally overwrite part of the code for your photo, meaning it won’t upload

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Here you go Stephen.

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It’s okay now; got the mural posted above now (#16)

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The mural i posted about here now has a friend!

Saw it last week; first chance I’ve had to stop and snap it.

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