Photography (revisited)

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Last year i saw a work in progress mural:

Today, i revisited the place. It’s amazing!


That mural is outside the cinema in Cov, and straight after i took the photo, I went i to see the new Ant Man film. Turns out i walked straight past another mural, and i would have seen it had i looked over my shoulder.

I only realised that when i left, and it was staring me in the face

Still, better late than never…


Nature is my favourite subject for photography, here’s a Swan coming in to land.


I will title my recent piece, “Bad Omen on Tuesday Morning”.


What’s this?

Looks a bit like a tail…

Quite a big tail…

And that’s a big leg

Big neck! Small head though

It’s Dippy the Diplodocus!


Our “new” camera is quite nice. Still no SLR/DSLR/Mirrorless, or even a high end model (it’s from 2012 and cost us 30 bucks), but leagues better than that ELPH 135 we had before it.

Most of the pics we have so far are pet pics, so here’s some updated Shark Toof pics instead!



Found this rather interesting statue today, on Warwick University campus, in the Science Park area.

The sculpture is called In The Stillness, and it was created by Jean Parker. If you’re interested to learn more about her, Art UK have a memorial page about her here.

But if you want to learn more about her as a person, I’m sure @darklys would be able to tell us more!

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Another work of art from @darklys aunt, Jean Parker. This is a memorial for a pupil of King Henry VIII school, and it sits just in front of the school. As it is a memorial, i didn’t move the flowers that were partially obscuring the plaque.

This is a really old pic but in the game two truths and a lie I said I’d met an astronaut so here is photo evidence. The top pic is obviously his information- Colonel James Irwin and the photo is me on the right talking to him.


That is so cool!


Thank you. Yes it was really neat meeting him.

More info about him if interested


I popped over to Far Gosford Street, in Coventry.

I came here to get a bite to eat, because there are LOADS of restaurants. Kebabs, Subway, pizza parlours.

I came for Subway, but now I’m now pondering a pizza, possibly a Herbie:


Not the highest quality of photos, but here’s some tiny tomato plants we’re growing in a Click & Grow!

And here’s some marigolds we planted in a planter last week at an event our apartment complex hosted. They’re currently sharing the tomatoes’ growing light!

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I’m really pleased with how these photos came out. I was in a woodland so there wasn’t much light, meaning I had to have a slow shutter speed to let in as much light as I can. With moving subjects like birds, especially Sparrowhawks, you then run the risk of blurry photos but he kept still enough that 15/20 of the photos I took of him came out well. The slow shutter speed also means I caught the raindrops streaking down. I then realised I had my ISO too low, if I had that higher I could have had a faster shutter speed to make the image sharper, but doing so would lose the rain streaks.


Very nice! And now I’m looking forward to the return of the pair of American Kestrels (aka sparrowhawks) that have been in my neighborhood for the last few years.

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