Phone game apps

What are your favorite smartphone game apps?

I love:

RPG Dice
Merge dragons

Most cooking games

Hogwarts Mystery
Mobile Monopoly (I wish there could be two choices Chance and Charity cards- last fall at some time they updated the chance and Charity cards on the mobile game to be more modern because a lot of younger people wouldn’t know some of the stuff in the older chance & charity cards)
Game of Life
Choices: Story You Play (actually I’m replaying some of these to use some of them as TV shows in my Swanson SimLit in the next Gen teen years)

I like hogwarts mystery and Choices too.

I just considered Hogwarts Mystery to be an AU for the main cannon of the Wizarding World Lore

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension is HILARIOUS! I’d played the short (and free) online game several times, as it does stand for repeated playing. The developer then crowdfunded a full game, and for the laughs i got out of it, the few quid i spent was money well spent!

If you want to try the free game, it is here:

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Puzzle Page (8-9 different puzzles each day, like crosswords, word search, a Wordle clone, and several others)

Wordscapes (make words from a set of given letters)

Topps Bunt (not a game exactly, but the digital version of Topps baseball trading cards)

Star Wars Card Trader (also from Topps; the digital Star Wars trading card app)

I have to use a mobile app to play mobile games on my computer. So it means I can’t figure out how to play Criminal cases series and I really wish I could. I played two and a half of the several games on Facebook. But since I can’t figure out the Zoom thing for the mobile emulator I can’t play the games and I would really like too

The only reason I got the emulator in the first place was to play Filpino Studios’ food games because they’re no longer doing online ones because of Flash ending,

Finally I figure it out… tried the tip for Sims mobile game. Crtl key+Mouse Wheel

Flow free. I just like to make the colours go boo-doo-doo-doo-doop.

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That’s another one I play every day! With today’s play, my play streak is at 2265 days. lol

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I’m usually terrible at streaks but I did keep one going for over a month once.

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I’m a creature of habit and have a routine before I go to bed at night, and one of the things I do is play Flow Free. That’s the only reason I’ve gotten my streak to go for so long. lol

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  1. Duskwood - a puzzle/dialogue mystery game where you help a group of friends find a missing person

  2. Picture cross - pictogram puzzles

  3. I like the inc-games, like Rebel inc. or Plauge inc. In the first one you need to stabilise an area and stop rebels, in the second one you have to create deadly diseases

  4. The Bonfire 2 - a survival/city building game

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