Pet supply store story

This just happened the other day…

There’s a chain pet supply store a few blocks away, the staff is usually very friendly and helpful. This time…not so much.

I had been looking into buying something that I had found on their website. The online sale price was 10,99€ a piece, and I needed 6 of them. They weren’t deliverable for another couple of days, so I decided to walk over to the store. They happened to have it in stock, but for 12,99€. Most of their stock is slightly more expensive than the online store, I don’t mind, the store generates jobs and I’m happy to have a place nearby where I can get good quality food.

So, I dragged my bulky, heavy stuff to the counter to pay, and was shocked how much it rang up to. I asked him about it - the item rang up as 39,99€ a piece! I told him the online price and their own sign saying 12,99€, and asking if there was some kind of mistake in the system.

Cashier: Yeah…Maybe.
Me: Could you look it up, please? That’s quite the difference
Cashier: Sure, I will look it up later. 239,94€, please
Me: (a bit surprised) Could you please check now?
Cashier: I will look it up later.

I assume the cashier had some kind of brain fart, he’s always been great otherwise. I left the store empty handed and ordered it online a few days later for 64€


Yikes, quite the difference – and quite the employee! I’m glad you didn’t pay the hugely inflated cost, and were still able to get the discounted price online.

I’m guessing this is a language difference, but I’m only familiar with a zoo store as a gift shop within a zoo – is it perhaps what I think of as a pet supply store, or am I one of today’s 10,000?


Oh yes, I meant a pet supply store :slight_smile: Will edit that! Thanks!


I hope you sent an email to the store explaining what happened.


That’s insane!