Pet peeves


That’s crazy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have to tell people not to bring me sh*t like pecan pies because they are bad for me in so many ways and I’d rather not tempt myself.

“But you like pecan pie.”

“Yes, but I’m diabetic, obese and have advanced NASH. I’d rather not.”

“But… you like pecan pie.”


On that note, unsolicited advice period, especially for medical issues.

Chances are the person already knows this.

But more likely, the person just wants to vent, or simply explain their circumstances.


Microsoft Windows is once again trying to be “helpful” by putting their advertising on my computer. No, I don’t mean websites. I mean plunking down a newsfeed in the Start menu. I turned that off immediately, as soon as I brought the computer home.

A couple of days ago, they put a tiny picture on the Windows search bar (the one on the taskbar). Grrr, I removed that the first time it showed up, a couple of years ago. But they brought it back again, along with things that they think I want to know, on the Search menu once it opens. Instant Rage!

Fortunately, it was quick and easy to turn it off this time.

There is a reason I have Freedom on my computer—it’s so I can work without distractions! So stop adding “helpful” distractions already!


People who block escalators*!! Is it so hard to just move to one side so people can get past? Grrr…

*Either standing side by side and chatting or standing right in the #$!%^! middle!!
Okay, I’ve seen some skinny ones that are only wide enough for one person, but a normal double-width one? Just move over, already!


When people dont understand that you can understand a persons thought process without agreeing with it.

Like I can follow the steps that they took to get to their conclusion AND disagree with that conclusion.

Explaining a potential reason why “the other side” might have come to a conclusion doesnt mean im arguing for it.


But have you tried yoga? :wink:


Being told to ‘just take a walk’ is another classic.


“Why are you so annoyed? Are you on your period?”

I hate that, it always feels so demeaning. My emotions are real and this shows disrespect for me and ridicules my feelings. Yes, I am a woman but I can be mad at you for valid reasons and it has nothing to do with my hormones.


I’m a man, but I sympathize.

I used to get the same lip from my cousins whenever their behavior made me angry, or a conflict between myself and my mom occured in their presence. I have schizoaffective disorder, which at the time was only diagnosed as bipolar disorder. I can’t count the number of times one of my cousins would respond to me getting upset at all with “Did you take your meds?”

The insinuation, of course, was that I was not allowed to get upset because I’m mentally ill, and that if I’m upset, I should just take more pills!

To my cousins’ credit, however, it really was effective at ending any arguments I was having in front of them. But that’s just because both my mom and I would instead yell at them for not treating me as a human being. (Every woman accused of being cranky/annoyed/etc because of their period should be allowed to benefit from having a man in their corner do this with them. And the only reason I say man is because if it was a woman, the jerk in question would just accuse of being on their period as well.)


Computer programs that try to be UwU cute and personable with their error messages.

We have this one program at work and sometimes it decides not to be alive anymore and boots you off, resetting the form that you are working on.

The error message is like

“Oops, sorry, we are experiencing an issue that we are going to look into! Please try accessing this form again later! Have a nice day!”

For some reason that “Oops, sorry!” fills me with. . .so much rage. . .

Oops sorry? Bro, it has been a year and a half, maybe Oops, fix your program!


Reminds me of Dirk Gently (as played by Harry Enfield in the BBC radio series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. He was running Richard’s simulation of getting a sofa from a stuck position on the stairwell.

Dirk: What’s this? “The program has performed an illegal operation. Please click to close” No, I don’t want to click to close. I want to click damn and blast!


Word has encountered a problem and needs to close.



I AM the System Administrator! It’s my personal device in my damn house!


Guh. My attempt at taking a typing class in the 9th grade was a failure for this reason.

Some genius at the school illegally copied dozens of instances of Word 98. Not normally an issue, except the copy in question was corrupted or something, and it showed. Every time we tried to do an exercise in that class, we all had to deal with incessant cases of “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.” Sometimes as soon as opening the program.

I didn’t learn to type until my senior year as a result, when my accounting class just so happened to share a room with another typing class (that used typewriters.)


Right after I got my new hearing aids, which my phone calls stream through, I tried munching on something quietly while listening to a call. Then I was like, oh no, the microphone is in my ears/right by my jaw. I asked if they could hear me and they said yes, and I apologized and stopped eating… the whole set up was new for me so I had no idea if it’d be loud or not!


Bro, you can stream phone calls through HEARING AIDS now!? What a world.


Daylight saving time.



On the plus side, we’re now back in synch with the US, so i know when to check the NAR site for new stories.


So that’s why I’ve "over"slept.

Edit: no it isn’t I went to bed after two ignore me.