Parents refused to take me to the hospital because of bad knee due to falling on ice?

Until March 2020-I had a volunteer job at my church cleaning up the sanctuary on Wednesdays. Due to my boss’s being out until March (knee surgery) I was going to the church every Wednesday. One Wednesday in late Feb-I was on my way to the church but when I got up to the hill to a former school friend’s house I slipped on a piece of ice which I couldn’t see because it was clear. So even though I shouldn’t walk in the street-I did walk in the streets for the next 15mns till I got to the church. I was able to get through my cleaning up and then I called Dad to ask him to pick me up from the library (I had something to return-I think a DVD?) and despite me saying I had fallen he made a big deal out of it. Until he saw me wincing trying to get into the car. (I couldn’t sit down easily; couldn’t get my “Frakenboots” (winter boots) on or off easily and I couldn’t climb stairs easily (which is hardest due to my computer being up here). And I was in a LOT of pain And my knee still looked swollen as of March 13th ( I fell around February 19th) And my parents refused to take me to a doctor’s or a hospital to get it looked at. (But i did put arinca gel on it every day) despite people telling me I should

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One thing I learned is that you don’t mess with knees, I was running across a field and slammed into a low lying power box. Knee was in horrid shape, I went straight to the ER under the heavy recommendation of the friend that was with me. I ended up on crutches through Halloween and then later had to use a cane for a while.

Keeping my full weight off of the limb meant it healed as fast as it could.

The fun part was that the school gave me an elevator key since I was on crutches, when you have an elevator key everyone wants to be your friend.

I went to Walmart and made a copy of that thing so fast and used it throughout my entire tenure at that Highschool, long after returning the official copy. I still have the copied key today actually.

Security never questioned why I had one.

I hope your knee healed up, they’re pretty important bendy bits.

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This was two years ago when I fall right before March 13th, 2020 lock down in my province.