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Not quite sure where to post this, so i posted it here. I did also flag the latest post this happened in:

This has happened to me a few times, and I’m pretty sure it has happened to others.

In my post, I quoted Charoclese’s post from just before mine. When I posted it, it appeared for a fraction of a second, then vanished and the orange “edit” icon appeared, leaving just the text I posted.

The bizarre thing is, i could edit it again, and the edit would stick.

I’ll see if i can find other examples. Last night, i watched one post as it was edited in real time in Let’s Get Silly.


I remember something similar happening.

I had posted a link and some text, and the text was edited out or so, it was automatic. Once I edited it back to the way I wanted, it didn’t stick, I had to do something else to make my edit stick.

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I wonder if the forum gives you a few minutes to correct errors before registering things as a full edit?

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This post of mine went that way.

I saw this post of @Jarvis do the same, and i could see them making the change in edits as they re-added the quote.

It appears that if you’re quoting from the post directly above you, the quote is removed (possibly because it is “obvious” who you’re replying to). However, i would argue that isn’t the case. In Lets-get-silly , for example, often the posts are standalone comments that relate to the game, NOT necessarily to the post immediately before.

In Describe a Film Badly, if several people have given an answer and one is correct, using the Quote function is a very handy way of saying which is the right answer.

Is there any way of disabling this automatic editing? I write my posts in a way for a reason, and I DO NOT WANT AN A.I. TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD BE POSTING.

My words are my own. Please leave them alone.

Thank you.

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I’ve noticed that, and i have no problem with that, but that’s a separate thing to the one I’m ranting about

It does. Up to five minutes after you post, it doesn’t count as an edit. Same if you edit something and then edit it again within five minutes.

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This is exactly the issue I faced, and now I remember!

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Just saw this thread and wanted to add my observations.

I’m familiar enough with the Discourse forum software because the Blizzard forums use it too. This is a Discourse thing, and I think it’s a measure against spam… though how removing quotes from a post fights spam, I’m not entirely sure.

I don’t think this is a thing forum mods can turn off, unfortunately.

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