Our McDonald’s is a joke

We have a McDonald’s about 20 minutes from our house. My mil stopped there tonight on the way home from work and asked us what we would like. My husband asked for a Bic Mac and a cheeseburger and my mil got fries and got her and I some nuggets. She got home and the only things that were in the bag was his two burgers - Big Mac and cheeseburger, her fries and some sauces. No nuggets.

So she called them and they’re giving us a 20 pack tomorrow. But yeah he ate his Big Mac and we split the cheeseburger. Lol

The sad thing is the McDonald’s was just revamped and it’s beautiful. But the workers are all new so they’re so slow. I get it they’re overworked but geez how hard is it to put the nuggets in the frocking bag? And yes I worked in fast food so I have some sympathy for them. But sympathy only goes so far. They make so many mistakes.

Well, at least they got that bit of the order write…

The McDonald’s in Funchal, Madeira regularly forgot something. I always checked before leaving. They even managed to forget the Big Mac itself several times :sweat_smile: