Other stories about disabled people being discrimated "on the job" by bosses/co-workers?

Due to the comments on one of today’s stories -I spent awhile looking up some examples about disabled people being treated like *** on the job. I want to know what other simliar stories can you think of?

There’s the couple of stories about employee being locked in the restaurant’s freezer (the first guy was austic and he also was claustrophobic, the next person was a pregnant woman, and their co-worker who were locked in there for awhile).

Some Coworkers Are Just Suffocating

Badly Treating Your Labor Force

There’s a third locked in the freezer story but I don’t recall OP having a disability.

the austic mute story-(the one where the mute’s brother CEO comes to fire the boss who made mute answer the phone)

Speaking Up For Those Who Can't

another austic story: supervisor who doesn’t like austic OP so has his friends cause OP problems. The final straw is when supervisor’s either girlfriend or wife comes in and asks for specific kind of pasta scause-once she gets it she drops it and claims OP “threw it” at her making supervisor fire OP.

What A Complete A**-perger

PTSD story-OP had been a hostage in a bank robbery and now they work at a restaurant(?). The main manager is a veteran himself so allows OP to take breaks. The story happens when MM is away so AM is in charge. OP goes to take their break and AM calls OP “Lazy” and “PTSD is just something made-up” all while stacking something(?) infront of the doors. AM got fired for “making a fire hazard”

Present Management Stress Disorder

several anxiety stories-
RM yelling at OP in I believe a FF restaurant and OP’s on the fryer which they don’t have much experience with (and also yelling at OP for either “having too much in the fryer” or too little" and I think OP is called a disabled slur as well) And GM keep telling RM off about it.

Frustration Plus Anxiety Is Adding Fire To The Fryer

another one with “bratty” co-worker/supervisor Who 1)didn’t allow OP to take breaks and 2)and tried to pull OP up by their ear after OP gone into panic mode. (Also is a PTSD story)

Working At Your Panic Station

the boss who kind of joked around meanly with OP and OP thought they would get fired.
Report Back To Your Panic Station

there’s might be more anxiety stores then those but those stick in my head

The various stories from the UK-where some of us believe to be from the same OP. The “so much for femism” Tech director story. The “all drugs except for insulin is bad” boss, and the same boss in the “disabling your boss’s attitude” story.

third one first:
Disabling Your Boss's Attitude

first one second
Enough To Give You A Fit

2nd one last /notalwaysright.com/this-manager-makes-you-need-to-up-the-dosage/64288/

drink allergy story;

Op’s sister became allergic to the soda fountain drinks so she can’t do anything which requires touching them. And she works in a restaurant (FF) and the boss lets her just sweep the floor. Most of the supervisors know this and let her just sweep. One supervisor apparently didn’t get the memo and makes OP’s sister go on the drive-thru and she couldn’t come in the next day.

Sick Of Your Mismanagement

There’s a story where I think OP is in wheelchair and got back to work and the new person who replaced OP tried to make OP do jobs that OP literally couldn’t do (I think stocked shelves-was one of them).

A Crippling Case Of Discrimination

and I’m not even counting the boss-making broken-leg-coworker-get-book-off-the-shelf-after-a-ski-accident.

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wasn’t there a story of someone with Raynaud’s disease being stuck in the freezer? i remember a boss chewing OPs coworker out for that because it could have resulted in frostbite.