Ongoing saga with TV company (updated & Finished!)

Background information:
Where my family house is even when my parents and older sister moved in to this house in 1986-87 They noticed that instead of other places in the town which have phone and TV cables be unground-that with ours it’s above ground. We had squirrels chew on the phone cable in the past so we have to have it out of their reach by having it between two of the library’s balcony’s post (and Dad keeps using it-the phone cable in the summer to hang his towel on after he’s done with a swim).

Sometime probably before Friday of last week my family started having channels be dropped from TV. Dad called on Saturday night and scheduled an appointment between 10-noon on the Sunday. Noon came and went and the tech didn’t show up. Dad called the TV company and the call center person said that they had canceled it and that the tech tried to claim that “they had been unable to reach” us which is a bunch of bullshit with me sitting by two phones and Dad near at least one in the 2 hours Dad had waited. The guy came around 4pm instead and we discovered that apparently that TV Cable apparently been chewed on (presumably by squirrels) .

The TV cable company schedule us an appointment for “laying of a new cable” outside between 8 and 10 today (Wednesday) but as of 2pm the tech didn’t come. And by now the family room TV has 0 sound. Once again Dad called and once again the rep said that they basically cancelled it because the tech had claimed that “they couldn’t reach us earlier” which is even more BS then Sunday’s due to the fact since 8am Dad been carrying a phone around all morning. Then he said “Forget the cable, we want someone here to fix the sound.” And supposedly someone was suppose to be here between 4-8pm and it’s about 9mins to 8pm and no one has shown up. I told Dad he should ask for a supervisor because its getting ridiculous of the lies from the techs telling dispatch centre

Dad said there’s suppose to be someone coming between 2-4 tomorrow. Dad and I are going to do the weekly shopping in the morning and then after we put the stuff away he’s going to go to what he calls “Crappy Tire” and then when he comes home (around 1) he will call and ask is someone actually going to come today by 2-4 or is there going to be more bullshit like the last two times?"

Because of NAR I did wonder if the techs used their own cells or had to use the company’s. Because if they had to use the company’s the dispatch would be able to call up records and see that the tech(s) did NOT call us (or at the very least called the wrong number like daycare number we kept getting calls for in the summer). But it’s pretty likely that the techs had to use their own cellphone due to companies being really, really lazy in the past decade or so.

I will keep this updated with new/more information

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So basically the same amount of information you’re getting from the company? :wink:


Did you check if the phones work? You refer to phone and TV cable, if they both are down, noone will be able to call, even if they try.

Besides that: If you have an appointment, why do they need to call? Shouldn’t they just come to your house? Sometimes companies are really exhausting.

Good luck with this!

our phone and internet is provided by a different company (Company B). Our phones work because that’s how Dad been calling Company A or should I say Company R?. Since if our phones didn’t work we would be screwed because at the moment the only cellphone we have which did work got disconnected over a month ago by a 3rd company.

Besides that: If you have an appointment, why do they need to call? Shouldn’t they just come to your house? Sometimes companies are really exhausting.

Thing is they need to call to tell us that they are actually are on their way. Since for both Sunday’s appointment and yesterday’s two appointments whenever I asked if the screen door was unlocked Dad said “They have to call us first” .

that’s suppose to be more information

Dad and I got back earlier from our earlier-then-usual weekly shopping and sometime between 10:30am and 1pm Dad called (R company) and when I got back to my computer after my fruit course- a tech from R company called and said they’re coming from (town) and would be here at 2:30pm. (I didn’t know it until Mom was telling me when she was doing my hair because I had to leave the house again to check on one of my medication was ready at the drugstore).

I left and went to the drugstore got my meds and then on the way home checked the mailbox-and went home. As I was walking down the hill, I noticed the guy was leaving the house and getting into his van.

I then went into the house and delivered the mail to Dad and he told me that apparently the first tech apparently was NAWing because apparently we don’t need a new cable just a new box which the tech had-since its the box that was screwed up and not the cable. So now the family room TV has sound back and we have all our channels back.

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