On music streaming services' generated playlists

I have a subscription for both YouTube Premium (and thus YouTube Music) and Spotify. Both are fine, but I notice that both tend to be rather conservative with their auto-generated playlists, i.e. they tend to add the same tracks for similar songs. So not that good for discovering new music I might like. (If I’m being charitable, I think their algorithms probably look only at the most popular tracks, if I’m being more cynical, I’ll say they play those labels’ songs that give them the most financial incentives.)

Anyway, is it just me or are those two services really too conservative with their suggestions?
Also, is Deezer’s (or maybe some other streaming service’s) playlist-making algorithm bolder?

It doesn’t surprise me. But honestly I don’t understand the fascination with music streaming anyway; I just listen to whatever I’ve downloaded over the years

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I also like listening to already purchased songs, but I find streaming is nice for all the tracks I don’t have and for discovering new music.

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