Not even NASA has this technology

One of my favorite memes is “not even NASA has this technology”, labeling a picture of someone being creative with everyday objects (or straight up dumb!)

Here is an example:

Anyone have a story or meme about being creative in ways that not even McGuyver or NASA could imagine?

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Oh here is another great example.
This is a state of the art meteorological station that tells you the weather… based on the coconut hanging near the sign.

Moving coconut = windy
Coconut doesn’t move = calm
Wet coconut = rainy
Dry coconut = sunny
Invisible coconut = foggy
No coconut = hurricane


There used to be a wonderful restaurant in Playa del Rey that had a similar sign with a big rock. Ony difference was moving rock didn’t mean windy, it meant earthquake!


The story of NASA’s “Apollo 13” flight includes a lot of McGuyvering. They had a half wrecked spaceship to bring home. Short of air, too.

They’ve had other flights end abruptly. More happily, several space probes were or are doing useful work with some of their component parts no longer useable, or not useable as originally intended.

I could look around… I’ve got a bottle with a hole carefully cut the right size so that you can fill it with water that takes long enough to run out from the bottom, sideways, so that I can wash and rinse my hands in the water stream before it stops. Which is what it’s for. I also have a rectangular tray in which to catch the water that runs out after I stop washing.