Not a FAN of this Janitor

(This might be a bit too much information for background: @Stephen could you help me shorten it?)

Background: I have two main volunteer jobs at my church. One is helping in the kitchen during Bible Camp. The other is what I might call my ‘school year’ church job (cleaning up the pews) which I only do during the school year expect for the one afternoon after Bible Camp’s over. Now since 2005 the sanctuary no longer has celling fans so in hotter weather we have stand alone fans.

Main story:
Ever since I started doing the “cleaning up the pews” job at my church-once Bible Camp is over- I will start to clean up the pews after the parents and most of the kids have gone home. Well every year since summer 2014 despite the fact I am literally working in the sanctuary, the janitor has this habit of turning off the stand-alone fans at the front of the actually church. It has driven me nuts for years his doing that when it can get super hot in there.


I suppose he figures you’re not a paying customer when you’re cleaning up. But… presumably someone tells him what to do… I’d talk to his boss, if that doesn’t lead to a meltdown. Either this Sunday if it’s an issue now, or in spring.

If the janitor answers to God… you could try this on him.
Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard - Wikipedia

I am not quite sure that it addresses your situation, but it may confuse him enough for you to get your way. Or if you tell him it on a hot day, then by the time you’re finished, the point will be made.

I tried just now installing a portable fan on my chest and I felt cooled down, but this may be less practical for you.

Its a church. No one is paying in the church (except for the kids who have attended the camps-or more like their parents/relatives). I’m not being paid both jobs are volunteer stuff. But he, a janitor is being paid. And I have no idea who his boss is. Maybe the same board who hires the minster and the parish nurse? And if it is the board my Mom’s on it -and she never understands why I dislike the janitor doing that (and when I’m cleaning the sanctuary, Mom is cleaning up the kitchen from the pizza lunch).

It just every July since 2014 when I do the MAJOR clean up of the church pews (and I have like over 50 pews to go through)-he turns the stand-alone fans off. And it gets really hot in there during the same. I believe one Sunday in June in 2006-someone suffered heatstroke in the church because whomever was over seeing the sanctuary renovations didn’t put the celling fans back up-and for the heatstroke victim an ambulance had to be called (I only heard of due to the window in the nursery room)