Nostalgic shows

I will be 50 in a little more than 3 months. Today while my husband was home for lunch, somehow the song “It’s such a good feeling” popped into my head from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and I started singing it. Didn’t remember all of the lyrics but remembered some of them. What a sweet man he was.

What shows do you remember from your childhood?


“What’s the story wishbone/what are you dreaming of/what a big imagination for such a little pup”

Arthur which ended it 25 year run in February and it’s theme song we should still remember for obvious reasons: "Every day when you’re walking down the street/everyone you meet has an original point of View and I say HEY! (HEY!) What A wonderful Kind of day!/ if you can learn to work and play/and get along with each other"

The Magic School Bus (original)
Cruising down Main Street/you’re relaxed and feeling good/next thing you know…/you see an octopus in the neighbourhood? /surfing on a soundwave/swinging through the stars/take a left at your intestine and a second right at Mars! On the magic school Bus!

Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures a mystery version of the classic children’s story (and unlike the story, the titular mice-Elizabeth and Alexander, get along most of the time) which is set in the early 20th century. The San Frisco earthquake and the Hindenburg Disaster are two of the events covered. Claude Monet- had an appearance in the first episode

" Elizabeth: I just love the country/ Alexander: while I prefer the town/ Both: when we put our heads together we’re the best combination around! / Emily and Alexander are really quite a pair/whenever there’s adventure/you will find these two cousins there! Alexander We like to visit relatives Elizabeth: Making friends is fun Alexander Yep! Both: “Exciment seems to find us/ when we do either one!”

I watched Mr. Rogers as well

George Shrinks

and the Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat where I learned abit about Chinese mythology like the Chinese Zodiac at least

I have a very long list apparently!

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Inspector Gadget, Wacky Races, Tweenies, Tom and Jerry, various Looney Toons, Blues Clues, the Backyardigans, Timothy goes to School, Bear in the Big Blue House, Pokémon (seasons 10-13), Dinosaur King, Magi-Nation, Chaotic.

Probably more I don’t remember too, I watched a lot of TV as a kid.

Edit: also, that one that went “what’s the story in ballamory wouldn’t you like to know?” Can’t remember what that one was called but sometimes I’ll get that one line stuck in by head.

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I have a very long list lol. I’ve been meaning to make a spreadsheet.
Dora the Explorer, Backyardigans, and Blue’s Clues. Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.
Gerald McBoingBoing, Johnny Test, The Future is Wild, 6Teen, TDI. Wayside.
Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life, Austin and Ally, Sonny with a Chance. The Replacements, American Dragon, Recess, Phineas and Ferb, ANT Farm, Good Luck Charlie.
Fairly Odd Parents, iCarly, Kid VS Kat, Atomic Betty. Jacob Two-Two.
Fresh Prince of Belair. Busytown Mysteries, The Doodlebops, Animal Mechanimals - actually all the shows they had on CBC kids back in the day.
Dragon Tales. Little Bear, Franklin, Curious George. Rugrats. George Shrinks, as Celoptra said.
Can you tell I watched a lot of TV as a kid?

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Dora the Explorer! I knew I was forgetting something. Also Diego! and Peppa Pig.

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I don’t think Peppa was on Tv here when I was little, I always thought it was a newer show.
I also just remembered LazyTown, but I’d have to re-watch it to say if I’m nostalgic because I only remember that I watched it at some point lol.

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I forgot Dragon tales and Little Bear!

Also two Kratt Brothers shows. I forget what the one was called. (Kratt’s Creatures?) But the other one was had the lemur? Zombofoo

Oh and Poka dot show? Sorry forget the name of it!
Polka dot door!

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Ah, I remember coming home from school, I always heated up two of these

and ate them in front of the TV. Same shows every day from Monday to Friday.
Baywatch → Knight Rider → Charlie’s Angels

If I got home early there was nothing worth watching, mostly paternety tests on Ricky Lake

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when I was a pre-teen on any day which wasn’t my guiding day I would come home and have either a tiny cup of this

or a bag of this:

of course there was the one day in Fall where my sister brought home a Slurpee for me
images so I didn’t have either of the two things above and we had pizza for supper

My favorite was Backyardigans. I remember they showed Wacky Races on Boomerang Saturday/Sunday mornings. I also watched a bunch of pbs kids shows, including Arthur, and Dora. I remember one, I think it was called Between the Lions, it was about lions living in a library. I just barely remember watching Sesame Street, mostly just the Elmo’s world theme song will pop into my head periodically.Teletubbies. Barney. I loved Mr Rodger’s neighborhood too. Watched Blue’s clues too. And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for awhile. I basically watched whatever was on for weekend cartoons/kids shows. But yeah, Backyardigans was by far the best.

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I remember Between the Lions. I also remember the 90s version of Seamese Street with Rosita ,
I also remember Barney and Friends with the particular song… which I guess isn’t used anymore? the “I love you…”. I wonder if it has to do with a particular “reason”? But the same show also taught me “clean up, clean up”

Do any Brits here remember T-Bag?

Never heard of it! And id have been 13 at the time

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Wishbone theme song:

Arthur Theme song

The magic school bus theme

Country Mouse and City Mouse Adventures

George Shrinks theme song

*thinking of George Shrinks, I just remember one episode of it involved a dog somehow. And the dog was running around the Shrink family home and Mr. Shrink the Dad said at some point “I thought it was the dog which liked to do the chasing” well the family tried to chase after the dog. So in real life, whenever I tried to put my Sister’s eldest dog in a harness to dog walk her, I would always have to chase her around the house

another episode I learned the ship terms for “left” and “right”

Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat theme song

Did you know “Sagwa” is apple in Korean? Because of that Mom always got confused with this show

Dragon tales theme

Kratt’s creatures

ZOBOOMAFOO theme song

Between the Lions

Polka Dot Door

I remember there was another show, but I can’t remember the name of it. But it centered around a moose? And all I can remember one of his friends was monkey? Elliot moose!!

The Friendly Giant, Gumby & Pokey, Davy & Goliath, The Mighty Hercules, Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5, Mr. Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner Show with all the old Looney Toons shorts (“Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!” and so many other classic lines).

Then, when I was in the US and a little older, there was PBS: Sesame Street (new then, and a huge hit), followed up by Zoom, The Electric Company, and Villa Alegre.

Yeah, I’m old.

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Oh my god! I actually remember Sagwa! But I’d like completely forgotten it until I watched the opening and then I remembered all the details like the cat writing with her tail, and the guy running up the stairs with the scroll. Wow it was really buried somewhere deep in my brain.

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I thought opening themes might help jog someone’s memories

It got to be tom and jerry for me I mean that show brings back memories for me


Tom and Jerry have done both the best and worst cartoons of all time. Cat Concerto is right at the top. The worst was called something like Mouse in Space, and was just awful!

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I still remember the one where Tom and Jerry are both sitting on the train tracks waiting for the approaching train to come and kill them.

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