Nostalgia for places/times never seen

Sorry if the title is confusing. I just wanted to know if anyone else gets a powerful feeling of nostalgia and longing when looking at pictures or videos of places/times they’ve never experienced.

Like, I look at pictures of Kowloon City, and I get this intense feeling of nostalgia and longing. Like I’ve been there, knew the paths, knew the people, and was happy there.

Or pictures/videos of the British countryside during WW2. Times were tough, but the cooperation and care around us made it easier to bear the weary burden.

I feel like those are my people, my home, my life. Even though I’ve never been there and don’t have any relatives (that I know of) that ever lived through it, so have never heard stories. And for the record, speak not one lick of any other language besides American English.

It also works in a negative fashion, though. Anything to do with the Titanic, and I get physically freaked out. I also can’t deal with being submerged in any way, or have water over my head. It took years to even walk through the shark tunnel at the aquarium, and I still wound up needing a minute to stop shaking before I could continue the tour.

Anyone else go through this, or am I crazy?


Kinda sorta? For some years, I was a historic reenactor. I had a very specific time, place, and persona that I was focussed on, and did a lot of research on everyday life for that situation, to the point where I could probably lead tours through historic sites of the period. I focussed on the most mundane details, like lists of items in shipments, to get a better idea of all the stuff that was around back then, even the most trivial and ephemeral. On the other hand, “my” time period was 200+ years ago, and I was always aware of the huge gap and how it might be limiting my understanding.

I left the hobby 20 years ago, so my knowledge is a bit rusty (and dusty!) now, but whenever I visit a historic site related to that old focus, it’s a little bit like coming home.


Not quite the same, but I get nostalgia from a lot of stuff that people wouldn’t expect me to. A lot of “90s kid things” and “stuff gen Zs don’t understand” are actually things that continued well into the 00s, especially if you were poor and getting second hand or cheap old-model stuff. TVs with huge backs on them? Our first flatscreen didn’t come until after 2010. VHS tapes? We had a shelf full of them well into middle school, and I still have them all (now finally out of storage).


I get nostalgic for childhoods that I didn’t have. I grew up in a city with the internet, but all those movies/books about kids in like the 60s-80s living basically free range in a small town always make me nostalgic.


Oh I definitely have this, combined with the love for day dreaming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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