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Agreed with @Sillsallad , but apparently, the mods do prefer to have one per month, however, we should be consistent about it then.


Potential spam text? UK

I never installed the track and trace app. This morning I’ve received a text claiming I’ve been in close contact with someone who has Omicron and asked to order a test with a link.

Problem 1. I don’t think the track and trace texts specify what variant someone had. (Though correct me of I’m wrong.)

Problem 2. The official website ends in (I did a quick Google to check), but the link in the text ends with .com (and the name of the website isn’t the same either).

Still going to do I test when I get home just in case. Just wanted to give people a heads up in case you get similar texts.


You’re absolutely right - it has all the hallmarks of a scam; don’t follow the link


A car just ran over several people in a pedestrian zone in Berlin. According to the radio a few seconds ago, it seems like the driver had a medical emergency while driving

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Based on the prior feedback y’all gave, we’re going to keep the thread for a bit and “refresh” it every once in a while. For now, we’ve removed the date from the name. If there’s more activity in the future we’ll reexamine this.

Here’s a sweet story to show you it’s not all doom and gloom:

And now some not sweet at all news out of the Supreme Court. Never truly thought about leaving the US until today.

On the other side of the pond:

A law preventing gynecologists to “advertise”, in reality: to write on their website that they perform abortions, has been overruled.

Maybe I should move to Germany…

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Plenty of other issues here, like this

It’s going to be a cold winter. At the moment a landlord has to make sure that a rental can be heated to a minimum of 21°C. If it’s colder than that, the tenant can deduct rent. They want to change that to 19°C.


Here’s a internest news article about CERB + ODSP (disability income in my province)

It looks like Scotland might be getting another Independence Referendum.


I don’t want Scotland to leave. But given how they wanted to remain in the EU and they were forced to leave, i can’t say i blame them

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I don’t really want it to happen either tbh but given how close it was last time and everything that’s happened since it really wouldn’t surprise me if it goes through this time.