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My province (Ontario) is in the middle of an election campaign (June 2nd) for premier (something like U.S. State Governor I believe?). Now both the Provincial and Federal government have four parties, The Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP (New Democratic Party), and the Green Party. The Tories (Cons) are currently in power with “stop the gravy train for anyone whom isn’t a business or developers.” . The Liberals were in power for a number of years before 2018 but recently the Liberals had to turf two maybe three of their candidates because of their beliefs. . One because of a homophobic comment he wrote 5 years ago when he was 15 and the other guy a retired elementary school teacher whom believe that homosexuality (and learning disability, ASL, and such) are “caused by infants rebreathing their own breathe after birth” and he wrote that in a book in 2008 (published in 2009)

Is that time of the year again! Tonight, Europe is being plagued by the Eurovision Song Contest, meaning hours and hours of trashy music, weird costumes and a slur of neighbourly love.

Do you watch it?

We used to watch it when I was a kid, I have some vague memories of a Greek song and they were doing some kind of robot dance.

A decade ago, I watched it with a group of friends. We taped a moustache on the TV screen and had a shot everytime it fit with the singers. We were wasted xD

Now, I don’t watch it at all :slight_smile:


I don’t watch it anymore. But I have friends telling me about the highlights and I read on Twitter about it.

This year … What happened to Norway? First they’re asking what the fox says and now they want to give the wolf a banana…

Watching it!

@Sillsallad, is this the one?

Yessss… Will have that song stuck in my head for a while now

We tuned in for the last few songs.

Serbia, are you okay…?

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Don’t watch TV. Watched it once and it was okay but nothing to hold my interest. That year we had “Flying the flag” as the UK entry.

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Watch it… watch it NOW!

We’re in the lead!!! Only ones in 3 digits so far!

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We’ve won the National Jury vote!

Tele-voting is coming up… and that could change everything…

No can do. Don’t have TV in the house. Not willing to waste £159 per year, especially in this economic environment. Glad to see a change from the usual “nil points” in that accent.


We came second! Well done Sam Ryder!

But HUGE congratulations to Ukraine!!!


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Wow, that’s such a sign of support from the European population. They got 12 points from almost every country (average 11.something)!

Edit: re-worded something that sounded weird


Sweden and Finland decided to apply for Nato, all nations in the union have to approve… Turkey is veto-ing no… Gah. We’ll see if it’s a definite no, or a way to blackmail their way into some deal they want

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You might be the first person I’ve ever met without a TV…

Technically I am someone who doesn’t watch Live Broadcasts or use the BBC iPlayer. I have a TV in use as a monitor for games consoles, Prime and Netflix.

In the UK you need a TV Licence to watch live broadcasts or use the BBC iPlayer. That costs £159/year and as someone who doesn’t need the BBC in my life, I get a snotty letter every month loosely saying “We think that you’re watching TV! Pay up or we’re going to send the boys around!”

I am all for live and let live, but threatening me is a surefire way to get me to say “Screw you and everyone and everything you stand for!” and earn my determination to resist any and every action that may be taken.


That sounds like when I get my 98th “!!!warranty expiring!!!” notice on my car. Leave me be my car has insurance shoo


Things here are a bit different by now. We used to have something similar, called ‘watch and listening-money’. But they cancelled that in 2000. As compensation they raised income taxes so now EVERYONE is paying, user or not.

The cycles of letters are pretty interesting once you realise that they’re computer generated and there’s no legal obligation to engage with the BBC (as confirmed by the relevant government department). I quite enjoy the fact that the most irritating thing I can do is to do absolutely nothing. Doing nothing is one of my favourite activities!


Our TV situation is about the same as @CJR 's, minus the BBC because we’re in the US. Our TV is hooked up to several game consoles, a media player or two (I’m honestly not sure right now), a computer, and a stereo – no cable, no satellite, and it gets about 2.5 local channels that I think I only tried to watch once, in college (a professor was on a local show, but it was on the .5 channel and was unwatchable that day).