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Unfortunately the previous thread has closed, but news still continues. And given the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II, it is possible that other bits of news gets overlooked.

I saw this incredible bit of news earlier today, and in case you missed it, i thought I’d share it here:

If you know of anything we should all know about, please spread the news!


Yessss, I heard about this a while back. Great news! Mosquitoes are the animal that causes most deaths in humans

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Every time I hear more about the Martha’s Vineyard political stunt, it somehow manages to get worse. We’re already talking several potential felonies at the federal level and it’s still getting worse.

I’ve read on a (unreliable) source that the two most googled (or online searched) things of today in Russia were

  1. How do I leave Russia
  2. How can I break my hand

People seem to be fleeing the country and there’s a huge line of cars waiting at the border to Finland.

About 300 000 men are affected by the partial mobilisation, but surley it will become even more later on



Taking all bets, will Europe be properly at war by year end?

That’s too depressing to answer.

Here’s the TLDR News analysis:

Oh I hope not. The thought is terrifying.

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If ye and He and Kitties need to leave Germany I will provide a safe haven in the UK. As much as I would like to use humour, this is not a joke.

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Thanks! We’d probably seek refuge at my dad’s. He’s got a decent sized house in an irrelevant city in Sweden.

Unfortunately, the UK would probably be a main target too, if all hell breaks loose. As soon as one NATO member gets hit, there’s no way to stop the dominos from falling :confused:

I do live in a Naval town so if you’re happy to return the favour in Sweden…

I firmly believe that if he wanted to push the Big Red Button that he would be shot beforehand. As much as his cronies may wish to follow, I firmly believe that there’s a pragmatist embedded in there somewhere. Unfortunately though, it’s something that I feel the need to believe…

Of course! Bring the mrs, the sproglet and your beer brewing skills.

We definitely live close to important infrastructure, so if the shit hits the fan this is a horrible place to be at. Bombing guaranteed. I can’t even phantom how horrible things could become, and even if I don’t really think it will come to an all-out war, I def. think that Putin will take extreme measures, like biohazard warfare or small nukes, if he feels to desperate.

Is there something similar to a general mobilisation in the UK? Can people be forced to fight?


Unless we have some antiquated laws (which is always a possibility) then laws can be changed or renewed sharpish if the need arises. If that happens then I will march (or, more honestly click a mouse) with honour.

Significant news in the States… more problems for the Big D!

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Conscription in the UK ended in 1960, with the last soldiers leaving the forces in 1963.

Peacetime conscription was known as National Service, as stated in the National Service Act 1948, but was gradually phased out from 1957.

Having said that, I know there’s a fair few people who want it back.

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Ffs Putler.

We’re discussing what will come of this at home. I think he’s using this to justify the general mobilisation, because now “Russia” is being attacked. My fiancé is fearing the worst and thinks he’ll drop an A-bomb


The asian winter games 2029 will be held in…

Saudi Arabia.

That’s won of the last places which should be awarded that.

Ah yes, I always go there when I feel winter sporty. They’re famous for their deserts deadly heat sand storms ski slopes



Today is the first day of the inquiry into the Canada’s Federal Government’s use of the Emergencies Act used against the Freedom Convoy (cough toddlers cough) last winter.

The Judge will hear from Justin Treadu himself, Fincal Minster Christia Freeland. They will also hear from the impacted Ottawa Citizens whom were psychically, emotional, and mentally threatened and fincially impacted by these toddlers.

The Judge will also hear from some of the Freedom Convoy as well

So far that the former Premier of Albert and the still Preemier of Skatcheween claims they’re “blindsided” by Treadu’s call saying he’s invoking the EA (wasn’t asking them was telling them)

What’s “EA”?