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Not everything that goes on is big enough for an individual thread! Well, this is now a place for us to share news, stories and current affairs. It can be something big, small, local or global - anything really.

It would be nice if you shared a link to an article or something of the kind, so we can read up on the issue if we haven’t heard about it.

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I’m starting with something global, the Ukraine situation.

I’m actually pretty worried about this, maybe a worry strengthened by an internalised view of Russia as The Constant Enemy (Sweden and Russia never really had an amicable relationship…)

It starting to feel like that domino effect atmosphere, which also existed before the WW1.

I’ve read rumours that Putin is terminally sick. If that’s true, he’s got nothing to lose and would like to go down with a bang and leave a big footprint in history


I just talked to a friend abou this 2 days ago. In the end, our conclusion was that we don’t need to worry about it. Why?

If it will happen, it will happen, nothing for us personally to do about it. There is no use of getting worked up about something you have no influence over whatsoever.

That is to say: the fact we were even talking about it, means we too worry about it to some extent. I didn’t hear the rumors about Putin being terminal, and that actually sounds like it could be trouble.

On the other hand, I really hope even he knows that starting a war will have no winners at all, and the world, including his beloved Russia, could (would) suffer dearly from it.


This video, made on the 18th January, looks at Game Theory, and how it might explain what Putin is up to:

The same channel, 2 days ago, posted three reasons why they might invade, and three reasons why they won’t.

At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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Is it really his beloved Russia? I mean, does he care about the country, the people … or just his power?


There is this urge amongst certain Russians, including Putin, to restore the Soviet Union to its former glory. I think that would classify as a certain (perverted, but still) love of his country.

It might be all an act and just be a powerplay though, wouldn’t surprise me either way,


I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the actor Peter Dinkage. Well a lot of other Little People actors whom had been hired to play Little people in the live-action remake of Snow White- are bashing Peter because they’re now out of a job due to his comments of the dwarves in Snow White being “backwards”

I think he wants to restore the “greatness” of the Soviet Union. And show personal power and prestige

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It wouldn’t be snow white without controversy I guess. However, I think it’s good that Disney speaks to members of the dwarfism community. Whatever comes from that, I hope it’s a decision they can live with.

What I personally think of this: Certain stereotypes should not be changed, unless they do it right. Want a latina Snow White? Then let’s call the movie Snow Tan, cause the reason she’s called snow white, is that her skin is as white as snow.

Most other disney girls do have certain stereotypes, but they don’t appear in their origin story/name. I think this is a surprising decision at best.


that’s my point to Mom about "How can a Latino Snow White be Snow White if her skin is suppose to be “skin as white as Snow”? And as I pointed out to Mom, at least the ‘37 dwarves had personalities unlike the bland, nameless, dwarves in the 1812/1814 Grimms’ Snow White story. Heck, Grumpy dwarf even had character development.

I mean would Peter Dinkage rather have one or all of the dwarves be thieves or something? Since in I think a 1902 play of Snow White-the youngest dwarf was a thief and the others would put “orders” in

I’ve watched the first clip (saving the second for later) and it’s a good explanation :+1:

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And now, for something much less worrisome…

I am fond of turtles in general, so I find the above awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

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Wow, imagine what tales Jonathan could tell if he could speak :slightly_smiling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


“Even at my age I can still get it up! Can’t find the hole mind… Now where’s that cabbage?”


The Olympics are starting again. It has quite the sour taste this time, not only because of covid and athlethes being quarantined, but also all the political drama around the whole thing.

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Did anyone watch the opening ceremony? It felt very stiff, the German commenter was very political and critical and there was no feeling of celebration whatsoever. I felt sorry for the athletes

No; when was it on?

13:00 here, so it must have been at 12:00 for you!

Some things the (German) commenter addressed:

  • Journalists, athletes and their crew are not allowed to utter any critic on China. If they do, they might end up in prison
  • Journalists, athletes and their crew may not socialize with the Chinese population and must stay secluded
  • They used snowflakes as a symbol of how unique everyone is and how important every single person is. The commenter said it’s like a kick in the face for all the Chinese people who have been inprisoned, tortured or murdered for not sticking to the regime’s rules
  • He was worried that the audience would boo as the athletes from the UK came out, because of the boycott. The other commenter informed that the audience was completely hand picked from the regime and they had strict rules how to behave.

The only nations that got a cheer was Taiwan (“Chinese Taipei” :face_vomiting:), Hong Kong, Russia and China. Other than that, it was silent. It was sad.

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My dad read online that there are some people (I’m not sure whom) whom are “Chinese influencers” and make it seems like the sports players and Journalists are allowed to go to place like Forbidden City and GWoC (Great Wall of China) Which isn’t really true