New sub section of Share Your Experiences

You’ve got Bad Workers, Bad Customers and Inspirational. But if you have a story that doesn’t fall under those headings, it can just get lost on the forum main pages.

Could you please add another one, Share Your Experiences Funny?



@Stephen Thanks for writing in.

Before simply creating another category(or subcategory), we are still gauging what people like to post as the forums are still quite new. We do want to make sure people will want to use any new categories we create.

“Funny” is a tricky one though, as it’s quite a subjective idea to be turned into a category/subsection. Without going into detail, for example, a Bad Customer story can be “funny” as well. For now, we have a “funny” tag for that.

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Can’t you create a new topic without going into one of the subtopics? They are only tags, essentially, so you should be able to create a new thread without specifying bad customers/bad workers.

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