New server?

I want out with some friends last night for a friend’s son’s birthday and we sort of had a bad service at (Canadian restaurant with a video game plumber’s name) But then in my opinion it was partly our fault. And I have my suspicions that our server was new.

The one friend who planned it she had originally booked it for 5, but she forgot to change it for around four. So I arrived there at four thirty and the the group of people who were there were a bit grumpy because Friend 1 had forgotten to change it. And after 2 different people went into the restaurant- we were allowed to sit at table in the bar area.

The b-day boy insisted on four of us (him, his mom-Friend 1, Friend 2 and I) sitting at a dirty table-glasses and beer can were still on it) and some other people sat at the clean table behind us, and 1 (and later 2) people were temporary sitting at the next table over. So we had to ask for our sever to wipe the table when she came back to ask for our drinks. The table did get wiped. And then despite Friend 2- ordering her drink at the same time as Friend 1 and I, she didn’t get her drink until after her food arrived. (Well Friend 1, her son whom she order the drink for, and I got a drinks after we ordered them). The last thing was there were about 13 of us + two later comers so make that 15(?) all but two of us (me and Friend 2) got their bill. I got to sick of waiting I literally went up to the Cash register and paid for my meal there. But I did noticed, that as I was going up our server was being taught something on the computer screen of the cash register.

I think it’s a combination of our fault (We went in before the original booking time-since it was booked for a different time then the meeting up time, so we weren’t suppose to be seated in that area), and I think the server was new.