Never a Dull Moment

So I’ve already posted about taking our cat to the vet Saturday night. He’s doing better btw. Well, Sunday evening we were finishing up dinner and we heard 3 shots. My husband said that maybe someone was shooting at a groundhog. We live in a very rural area. Our neighbor who shares a common driveway came to our door and said it was our neighbor who lives in what we call The Cup. It’s a round house that reminds me of the Fotomats from years ago.

Anyway the poor guy is a Vietnam vet and has lost at least one of his arms. He’s got major PTSD. So our neighbor called 911. Three cops and an ambulance came. She was scared to death he’d shot himself.

But here’s the thing. He told her the day before that he was going to do something! Why the hell didn’t she do something then? This could have been so much worse!!!

I hope he gets the help he needs.