Need opinions - were we wrong?

So Wednesday my mil I got a late start for shopping so we decided to go out to eat before shopping. Anyway we went into a local place at 1230 and the hostess said just so you know we’re closing at 1. But she didn’t tell us not to come in. So we went in and got lunch. I got a BLT and she got breakfast.

But I wonder if we should be gone someplace else even though they were fine with us coming in.

Did anyone get mad? Had you ordered and started eating before 1? Did you linger after the meal?

Restaurants are different from stores, they kind of need two closing times, one for ordering and one for actually getting people out. If none of the staff looked annoyed or said anything you were probably fine.


Nope no one got mad. We ordered right after being seated and I think we were out by 10 after 1.

Then you were fine. If it were an issue, someone would have said something. If you’d ordered a second course after 1:00 it might have been an issue.


I really wish restraunts would list hours like that.

“We open at 11am, last orders at at 9pm, doors lock at 10pm”


That’s actually pretty common here, especially if it’s a place where some people come for drinks only

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