National Novel Writing month is coming up anyone going to be writing something?

So starting next Tuesday it’s National Novel Writing Month? Is anyone going to be joining in?

I have some ideas running through my head.

A sort of short term series that have Disney villians be in criminal court vs their victums-I know this would be a bit diffcult.

A sort of short story where a couple of Disney characters (2 Villians, and one non-villian) running for a pubic office of some kind. I would have to rewatch the Translator Fails of: “Be Prepared”, “Poor Unforuently Souls” and “First Time in Forever”.

Re-writing complete an old story of mine-I deleted it a while ago but it’s loosely inspired by The Black Cauldron movie. But I can’t remember much of the plot at the moment.

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I’m thinking about it. I have way too many stories that stopped after a few chapters and I really need to get back to writing them. The major problem for me is that NaNoWriMo tends to make me write way too much padding in order to reach the wordcount.

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I won’t have time for writing* because of a new job - and I can’t ever hope to hit the writing goals anyway, wow - but I will be doing National Clean Your Home Month lol. Goal is to do 30 minutes of cleaning every day.

*I’ll still be writing, just not enough to count for NaNoWriMo.


I’ve dabbled in fanfic a bit and have been considering writing something longer, but knowing me I’ll write a bit in the first week and then forget about it. I think I’d like to try though.

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I once started a manuscript in college. I sat down one Saturday I had free and literally wrote for 20 + hours straight. Just completely threw words on a page, typing away furiously the whole day. Never had writers block, never hit a wall, barely even stood up from my computer. At the end of my marathon I had 5 chapters done, something like 80+ pages of rough writing. A terribly written, typo filled mess of a draft but a draft none the less.

And then at 2 am at the moment I finishrd chapter 5… my laptop blue screen. Just completely bricked never to awaken again. All that writing just gone and I took that as a sign from the universe that my writing was not meant to be seen by the world at large. Lol


when I have writer’s block during National Novel Writing month I listen to this:

And I have 3 ideas for storys- 2 are complicated. And I can’t remember where I was going with the 3rd one

(only reason 2 are complicated-first idea is a bit of a fanfic… Disney villians in a courtroom on trial-and i would have to figure out why are two animal villians being treated it like humans and being in court?. The 2nd idea is a sort of fictional pollical race with three Disney characters 2 villians, one not.)

Animals have actually been put on trial before.

And those are the non-speaking variety. Since the villains can speak and presumably understand the difference between right and wrong, they can be treated like other sapient beings.


thanks for that I didn’t know!

Edit: that’s interesting I posted a post on National Novel Writing of a thread about which idea I should go with . And I have 50/50 with either the story I wrote 12 chapters of back in 2012 and the court room sketch story and it’s only been 41 mins since I posted it.

okay Disney univerise court room sketches it is for my NNWM

But I’m can’t figure out someone who is neutral character for the good guys side. I only have one idea… and it’s the master Sorcerer’s from the original Fanstia movie

I did NaNoWriMo in 2020, but set a target of 10,000 words—not novel length, but more substantial than anything I’d done before. I was quite happy with the results. Also, I got a great deal on Scrivener for signing up with NaNoWriMo, which was a total win!

This year, I’m thinking of rewriting a different story that I have a completed first draft of. I recently realized that I can convert it from fanfic of a copyrighted story to fanfic of a public domain story :wink: It needs a rewrite for other reasons, too.

For my writing soundtrack, I use soundscapes from MyNoise, like this one of a windy mansion.

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For which nation is this National out of interest?

USA, but Canadians began participating early on (as we tend to do).

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Even though other countries can also particpate as well according to the forum because beside regions for people in different part of Canada and U.S.

We also have regions for places in Africa, Places in Europe (including UK), East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) and South Asia, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and some middle east countries

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Someone suggested I use a Tribunal of Judges from Disney media I’m not using (and I’m using a LOT). But I’m not very familiar with other media (ie: Comics) of neutral characters. Someone did suggest using like the King of Hearts or Scrooge McDuck.

But I think Scrooge McDuck would be bias towards someone who was wealthy. And I’m not sure if having King of Hearts as a judge is a good idea because he didn’t seem to know what he was doing (but it didn’t help, in the 1951 movie - when he was acting judge, that his wife was getting impatient).

The only two people and only one is 100% likely candiate:
Yen Sid (100%)
Merlin (?)

okay a judge appearing bias is apparently a good thing for a drama angle.

Merlin would be a good judge. You could have tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb as bailiffs for some comic relief.

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sorry but I’m from Canada but what are bailiffs? Are they’re the ones who take people away if they get, like too emotional (ie: yelling)?

I’m assuming I might know it by the name of court officer?

I’m jumping on the NaNoWriMo because I want to finish my TOTS novel.

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Already writing 2 multi-part fanfics plus a oneshot for the Yuletide exchange. I do a scene a night, without paying attention to word count. So, I’m not exactly doing NaNo, but I am writing.


Yes. Also the ones who call out ‘All rise’ when the judge walks in. Not sure if you were around when Night Court was on, but if you were or can catch episodes or scenes on YouTube, thing Bull and Roz (Selma and Flo, too, but they were in the early seasons. Roz came next and Bull was there from the beginning to the end.)