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A post about this show came up on my Facebook timeline today and I thought I’d share it here since it is arguably a NAW story.

Heston Blumenthal is a TV chef who is famous in the UK for creating elabourate and unusual dishes (often using equipment that would be more expected in a laboratory setting than in a kitchen). Way back in 2011 he had a show on Channel 4 called Mission Impossible - the premise was that he would try to revamp places known to serve awful food (e.g. hospitals, airlines, cinemas etc.).

Episode 2 involved him trying to create an interactive cinematic experience. His idea was that through-out a film the cinema staff could pass out small tasting plates containing dishes which reflected what was happening on the screen at the moment.

As a proof of concept he showed a film which was essentially a series of loosely linked stock footage scenes. The TV show had a camera in the theatre pointed at the audience to capture their reaction throughout the film. During one scene at a fish market he passed out a small but fairly elaborate anchovy dish and you could see the audience enjoying the experience.

Then, for who knows what reason, there was an orgy scene. For this, he passed out small pump bottles of pineapple yoghurt (I know but wait, it gets worse). This got a few laughs but people tried it and seemed to enjoy it. Then Heston entered the theatre and sprayed some sort of aerosol into the air.

At that point the narrator explained that he had created (artificially, thank god) a spray containing ‘the scent of sperm’ as the sense of smell is known to trigger a strong memory and emotional response. Anyway for a few moments nobody reacted and then one of the men in the audience took a big sniff and started to look confused.

I fell off my couch and was on the floor crying with laughter.


though technically tiny dog lady is correct here; pretty much every airline allows small dogs in the cabin.

and on topic: Tyler regan has a channel filled with “karen goes to …” which is pretty much NAR personified.