NAR story - should it be NAW?

This is the story I am referring to: Free Lime Pie

We agree that Corporate screwed up by not contacting the store, but as the editor for this story I thought the ridiculousness of the customer only making the journey for the one tiny free sample outweighed the mistake by the store, hence why I placed it in NAR.

Should I have placed it in NAW on principle, regardless of the customer?


Definitely NAW. The customer went for a sample because corporate advertised it. The fact that they didn’t get it afterwards is irrelevant. One could argue that the sample served it’s purpose and made her realise she didn’t want a whole pie.


NAW. The whole point of samples (from a customer perspective) is that you’re not obligated to buy the whole pie.


NAW. As seen in comments, there could be several reasons why customer came in only for the pie. On the other hand, no excuse for the store/corporate to act like this.


100% NAW

There’s no reason for it to be NAR. The rest of the cake can be used for samples to other customers


but we don’t really know if there was any actuallly advertising. Since it wouldn’t surprise some of us if the customer lied

I’d assume they did because of the phrasing

Corporate apparently advertised that our store was giving away key lime pie samples, but our manager and staff didn’t hear anything.

I think jt would have been mentioned if it was a false claim