NAR Comment Section Appreciation Thread

While any spot on the internet has it’s annoying people and trolls and unreasonable quirks, I’ve actually come to appreciate the NAR comments over the years, and was just thinking of some of the nice things that developed (At least since switching to Disqus, which was 3 or 4 years ago, I believe? Facebook comments didn’t have much of it’s own culture as far as I recall…but it was a while ago…)

Off the bat, I know we’ve got a selection of regulars, and the main things I can appreciate that developed naturally and pretty consistently:

  1. Pun Chains: While plenty of places on the internet have pun threads, I can’t think of as many ones that are as consistent as this site. Granted, a lot of that is due to a certain user who probably doesn’t need to be called by name, but there’s at least a handful of other regulars that start one up when the UK is asleep.
  2. "Today’s 10,000": Named for an XKCD comic, the comment section is actually fairly forgiving of not knowing “common knowledge” things, and is pretty eager to share new information, especially minor trivia. This is one of the things that I’ve seen grow to be a more consistent reminder and theme, because it definitely wasn’t there to begin with! It’s just one of the main instances of encourage each other to be more friendly and helpful.
  3. Regionalisms Dictionary: (I couldn’t think of a short phrase to sum it up) but while NAR tends to sit in “Americanisms”, we also regularly get regional phrases and customs from other countries (even if it’s biased to the US or UK, being English speaking.) I’ve learned a lot about different phrases and normal life from hanging out in the comments, and we’ve got a surprisingly diverse set of regulars.
  4. "NAR Archivists" We have a handful of regulars that can keep straight a bunch of the old stories (There’s probably thousands on thousands of stories at this point lol) and drop a relevant link for other commenters when other stories are referenced for whatever reason, often bringing back some bright gems from the past
  5. I thought of this while I was making a thousand typos, but while for a bit we had a couple users that would police and nitpick spelling and grammar, for the most part everyone’s pretty polite about it. (We also have a few really good writers here lol)

So this thread is really just a vague appreciation for the people who are both comment regulars and forum regulars, but also an invite to talk about the interesting culture and quirks that have grown over the years on the NAR site.
I’d prefer it to be positive, but negative or just neutral quirks is fine to mention too. Just don’t make it an argument.


I’ll start the ball rolling by giving a big round of applause to Sal, as he creates and posts excellent poems.

He did not one, but TWO poems for this story!

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For the record, there’s currently just under 75,000 stories on NAR overall.
I’m reading my way through them for the second time (Or maybe 3rd, I’ve lost track. Lol) and right now* there’s 14, 943 pages with 5 stories to a page. 74, 715 stories. Lol!

*Subject to change as the editors add more stories.

I spend way too much time on here but I like reading and it keeps me off the streets! :stuck_out_tongue:


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