Nana goes to a steakhouse for the first time

This happened around 8 or 9 years ago. My husband’s grandmother had never been to a steakhouse. So we decided that my husband, his grandmother, his mother and I would take her to Longhorns, which is one of our favorites. But Nana was so confused by the menu. She asked for gravy and other things you don’t normally see at a steakhouse because she’d never been to one. Then we decided to get dessert. She wanted cherry pie which of course they don’t have. But our waitress was wonderfully patient with her and she got a huge tip. Nana enjoyed her meal and we have a fond memory of the time nana went to a steakhouse and wanted cherry pie. Whenever we go back there we always ask if Melissa is working and if she is if we can sit in her section. I also wrote to corporate about her and how wonderful she is.


Just saying, people in the world need to act like this more often. Someone takes care of you and you should absolutely pay it forward. Especially in the service industry.


Nice to see a waitpeep who knows how to kindly tell a customer “we don’t have that on the menu” without the customer feeling like an idiot. That takes a certain amount of Person Skills.

Glad your Nana had a good steakhouse experience, even if they didn’t have cherry pie.