Mysterious person put the thawing on freezing


As you guys know I been helping with Bible Camp since I was 12. It wasn’t in-person for the last two years so 18 years total Mom and I been helping. Now as something we do before we head for home is to get juice out of the freezer and put it in the fridge for over night. Now for the last 2 years some people from the church been getting together and making lunches for people (I’m assuming either homeless or at least people on ODSP). Well normally they’re in the kitchen in the mornings on Tuesdays but this week because of Bible Camp they came in later. We call them to-go people.

Now some years ago (2010?) the kitchen got renovated and we got a 2nd fridge. Now this fridge can be either a fridge and it can be a freezer.

Here’s the sort of layout of the back of the kitchen area to give you a rough idea:

Actually Story:
On the Tuesday afternoon Mom and I put juice cans in the new fridge as well as one leftover juice and 2 jugs of water.

Now the next day when Mom and I came to the church when I was getting stuff out, I noticed that there was ice crystalizing on the cans and also the three jugs basically had ice bergs in them. The janitor looked at the new fridge and saw that someone had set it at “freezer” side- not realizing that we need to thaw the juice. He fixed it.

We did take the juice out to let it thaw all day and even by the time we’re leaving the icebergs were still icebergs. And today when we went in- that in two of the jugs that the ice was *still bigger then our hand in a fist"