My very first piano composition!

It took several months, but I got there in the end. All that writing, practicing, and then finally recording and editing.

But here it is: Sunlight, by me!


You did this? Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


I don’t know much about composing and the piano, but I really enjoyed listening to this. It’s something I’d hear while sipping tea and watching the sun rise

Thank you for sharing


really good!

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This is amazing!

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Bloody excellent! Thank you very much for sharing with everybody here. The nosey part of me wants to look at the sheet music but I have neither a piano or the finesse. What key is this in, and did you record on a baby grand?

It’s in C major, and was recorded on my piano teacher’s aging Roland digital piano. It was then edited over the next few lessons on his computer to get what you heard.

Not sure how well this photo will come out, but the LH page are my scribbles on the chords and the various chord progressions and the right hand shows the first theme (the C Major section before it switches to the relative minor for the first time)

The piece was written to accompany the art in the video. It’s a painting taken from a photo that Dad took a while back, and commissioned a painting from it.

Who would have thought our favorite punster is as good with music as he is with words! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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This is really beautiful and calming.

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With your permission I’d love to send this to my brother who’s a music teacher. His name is also Stephen.

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Sure! I did GCSE music, but my piss-poor attempt back then of a 1 minute composition barely reached 30 seconds. I’d be curious to know how this one would have faired!

Dare I ask if your brother has given a verdict?

I’ll find out. I’m sorry didn’t see this til now. :slight_smile:

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This is exactly the relaxing pick-me-up I needed after a very long and difficult day, omg <3


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