My reading? I'm a bit... behind

I pass this sign practically every day. How have I never seen it before???

But (and it is a big but) I do have an excuse. There are other items that are a bit more… distracting.


hahaha this is great.

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I can see it on Google Street View (1069 Foleshill Road, Coventry, UK), but when I “drive” past it, the date changes from 2020 to 2008 and the sign changes to “BATES TIMBER BATES TIMBER”. If a sign interfering goblin is active in the area then I think I see why they left.


Its not only a ‘big but’ but a big ‘butt’… According to that sign anyway!

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Yup! I deliberately made sure to include a pun in there :slight_smile:

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You being punny?! Unheard of! dramatic sigh

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