My mils reaction to my parents’ gifts

So yesterday we got together with my family (parents, brother and his family) for a belated Christmas. My mil was invited but she had to work. And you know what? I’m glad she didn’t go.

My mom had asked me for suggestions for gifts for her because we were supposed to get together for Christmas Day but you know what showed up. Anyway she didn’t want to have her sit there and have nothing to open. Usually I give my mil a moose calendar because she loves moose but this year I mad back in her a book of pics of her cat that we had to have put to sleep back in October so I suggested my parents get her the calendar. Which was fine. I also suggest York peppermint patties and green tea which she enjoys. My mil had given my mom a pointsettia plant in November worked out fine. I also told her the calendar was coming because otherwise she would have ordered one.

Anyway when we got home I put her bag and the wrapped calendar at her place to find when she got home from work she immediately opened the calendar and ignored the bag. She started transferring the information from the other calendar she’d been using.

I said, “You have another gift there:”

My husband said, “Why are you being so snippy?”

She took the first package out of the bag and said oh this must be candy. Then she took the other package out and said, “oh green tea. I’ve never heard of this kind.” And she said how much green tea she already has.

I wanted to slap her. So effing ungrateful.

Sorry she was being rude and ungrateful about it — that’s annoying at the best of times, and more so when someone’s gone out of their way to do something unexpected and kind and when everything’s complicated by a pandemic. I’m glad you got to have late Christmas with your parents, though! And it was sweet of your parents to get her gifts.

(Was your husband saying that you were being snippy, or that his mother was?)

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He said I was. And I probably was a bit. I was tired. But I couldn’t believe she was acting that way.

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She was kind of rude. I think I’d be annoyed, too. :pouting_cat:
Especially after you went to trouble especially for her.

What was her reaction to the book of the pictures of her late cat? Or did she not get that for Christmas?

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She loved it. :slight_smile:


Well, at least that’s something, then.

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Yes it is. :slight_smile:

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