My experience tonight at the nail salon

I’d gotten my nails done back in July before we went to the New Kids on the Block concert. Because I had gel polish put on my nails grew out before the polish wore out and looked pretty bad. Since tomorrow’s my dads 80th birthday party I decided I wanted to get a polish change on them. The place I went to is a nice locally owned establishment rather than a large salon.

I went in and Michelle brought me right in. She put the fouls on my nails to soak the polish off and we started chatting. When she took the foils off nothing had changed. She tried it again. The polish wasn’t coming off. She asked me when I had them done and I told her. She also asked me if I’d had it done at a certain type of salon. I said that I had. To be fair it was a pretty good guess because there are a lot of them. She said that sometimes some salons put superglue in their nail polish to make it thicker. It took at least three or four tries with wrapping my nails in foil and soaking them. Then she had to use the file across the top of my nails and a scraper to get the rest of the polish off. I said I was surprised she didn’t have a dremmel but she said she doesn’t like using it because it can damage the nail.

On the plus side we had a lovely conversation and I may have a new blogging client in exchange for their services. My nails also look great. I also gave her a 40% tip for all of her hard work. But it makes me wonder what the heck was in the polish from the other place!

Having trouble uploading pic. Will do it when I can. Picture included.


With regards to the other place, was the polish called Shellac?

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Did they use No Nail glue?

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