My comments keep getting marked as spam

It seems lately, about 1/4 or more of my comments get marked as spam. I think there maybe someone that doesn’t like me that marks all of my comments that they see. It’s really frustrating. Is there a mod O can talk to about it?

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Hi there, if you have questions or concerns, please send myself or @PotatoPercy a message and we can look into the issue for you.

Can’t figure out how to sent a message. New to the forums

Click on the user’s name and select “Message”.

I think there might be restrictions in place for brand new forum members so you can’t send a message. However, if they were to send one to you, you should be able to respond.

Try tagging them in a post (type the @ symbol followed by their name, e.g. @Stephanie_Trump) and ask them to send you a message?

I’ve sent you a message, please let me know if you have issues receiving it. :slight_smile:

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