My Aunt being Cuckoo with my grandparents

This story takes place in June of 1999. My parents were planning on going to Europe that summer or at least to spend over 9 days s in Paris, France and then London, UK and the original plan was for our maternal grandparents to come down to look after my sister and I. Thanks to our Karen of an Aunt… that didn’t happen so my then 17-year old sister had to look after me instead.
I didn’t learn the details until I was older except for the cousins being dumped part.

My Mom is eldest of four kids-two girls and two boys. So it’s my Mom, Uncle 1, his wife (Aunt 1) and their kids (two) , Aunt2 and her husband and their three children , and the last one is Uncle 2 and Aunt3 whom are a childless couple. Uncle’s wife Aunt 1 is a bit of a Karen-always has been-from what I been told by my Mom. All of them are involved in the following story as is my paternal grandmother when my parents tried to find alterative arrangements for my sister and I. My Maternal grandmother has never been able to stand up to Aunt 1 but then she always was more relaxed with Uncle 1 then she was with my Mother because Grandma didn’t have any brothers only sisters. Please remember this happened long ago… so I don’t remember/know everything about the story

Actual Story:
What happened is a very short time before my parents’ trip was to begin the phone rang and Mom answered it. It was my maternal grandma calling saying that Uncle 1’s family had dumped our two cousins on them so they couldn’t come down to watch my sister and I. They also I think didn’t want to have two sets of children underfoot in the house so they turned down the offer I think of me and my sister going via Via train up there either.

After getting off the phone with Grandma I believe the parents had an argument and then Mom made some more calls and this is what they discovered. My paternal grandmother didn’t want to come down (or for us to come us). I think she might have been in depression and if she was, I don’t really blame her, for she just lost my Paternal grandfather, her husband, just this month. They called Aunt2 and it turns out Aunt 2’s family was going camping with childless Uncle3&Aunt3. So it left my parents to have to leave the nine-year old me in the care of my then 17 year old sister with our neighbours checking up on us occasionally.

I don’t remember everything which happened for the over nine days the parents were gone but some of what I do remember:

that she and a friend of hers took me to the “Circus of the sun”. I remember while at the Circus that I had cotton candy.

Since she was looking after me and couldn’t get another baby-sitter she had to take me to her then-boyfriend’s family’s apartment and I remember seeing a live lizard-I think it was an Iguana in whatever you keep a lizard in. I also remember playing with a kitchen playset and I was playing with it with the boyfriend’s little sister.

During this time I recall one day I was listening to my read-along tapes in the living room of the house and for some reason I left them and I went toward the kitchen the “long way” and I saw my sister and a friend smoking in the kitchen. I knew what they were doing was smoking due to our neighbours’ habit.

There were a couple of fights and my sister put me in a “time out” in my room. I just remember that during the one fight was our parents checking in on us while abroad. I think that I wanted to talk to the parents as well and my sister was hogging the phone? As I said before that my sister is the only one whom tried harder then the parents to actually parent me since by this time the parents basically “gave up” on me

And there must have been a lot of swimming time since Dad probably opened our previous pool so my sister and I could go for dips when they’re gone. Not that I could actually swim at this time-it was more like walking around for me.

I don’t remember or I only remember when I try really hard but I realized it more recently that during this time my sister gave me my nightly needle medicine. Just like she did when we were much younger and were left for two nights at Aunt 1’s place for March Break when they’re at a teacher Union meeting in Toronto during the weekend.

What are you wanting out of this post? You’re not asking a question and it’s not really a story, what’s the point?

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It is a story. If my Aunt hadn’t dumped my cousins at our grandparents… My grandparents would have been the one looking after us and not my 17 year old sister looking after me that June when my parents are away.

Don’t we have plenty of stories on the site of customers being like the cuckoo birds and dumping their children un other teens and adults? My Aunt was one of those human cuckoo birds but inside of leaving them with complete strangers she dumped them in my story on my grandparents apparently “forgetting” that the grandparents had other plans.

It’s the setup to the story. What did your sister do? Did your grandparents say anything to your aunt and uncle? You don’t get into the actual events, it’s the bare skeleton of a thing that happened.

She just took care of me during that June/summer. My sister’s part of that summer/June has nothing to do with the reason she had to take care of me in the first place that June or that summer (I can’t remember how long the parents were gone, it did happen a long time ago now). I’m more interested in telling the story or what I know of the story of my Karen of an aunt.

I only know three things
1)my Aunt dumped the cousins on my grandparents 2)Grandma didn’t want to upset the aunt, 3)parents tried to look for alternatives outside of my sister and they couldn’t find any.

I mean how much more detailed do you want? Do you want me to draw the layout of the houses involved when I’m at it/s?

Stories have details and reasons for being told. Your story is that this one time your parents left your sister (who was more than old enough and responsible enough to take care of you) to take care of you and there were no consequences. What are you trying to tell us by telling us this story?


And last time I mentioned a whole bunch of stories on one thread people encouraged me to have “more then one thread” about the various stories.

That’s the reason I didn’t mention the Circus of the sun, me going to my sister’s boyfriend place and seeing an Iguana and playing with a kitchen playset with boyfriend’s little sister. Me catching my sister & another friend smoking in the kitchen. Or one fight which I can remember where my sister put me in a time out while on the phone with our parents abroad-I think I wanted to be able to talk to the parents as well and sis was hogging the phone. Or swimming in the pool. Or she giving me my nightly need medicine.

Lots of stories in there… right? But I added those stories to the main story.

I think it’s more that people are trying to get you to talk about things that aren’t your parents and your sister. Things that you’re interested in, not things you want to complain about. The story is a much nicer read with the details added.


I made one thread about at least four different times that my day-program had a “lack of communication” with participants in the program. I had it all under one thread and a fellow commenter encouraged me to have them be in separate threads… because it was a lot in one thread.

Since I didn’t want to over take this thread with the other stories in it (being taken to Cirus of the Sun, being taken to a boyfriend’s place and seeing a lizard and playing with a kitchen playset, or catching my sister and her friend smoking in our kitchen, or the one fight I can remember) even if the only one of it I could maybe describe in detail was the the smoking one the others are bit more hazy… that’s why I was only wanted to talk about the main story- why my sister was looking after me in the first place in 1999 - because of my Aunt being a Karen.

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