Oh, it’s only available for 24 hours… a pity. But I remember this production is on YT in parts (albeit in lower quality).

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I thought it wasn’t but I re-read it. It’s a shame they can’t just leave it up. Since it’s really annoying having to go to Clip B from Clip A, and then Clip C from Clip B- and half the time you might need to remember the names of songs-to help you remember which clip is next!

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Well, if you are logged in, I guess you could make a playlist for yourself of all the clips.
But yes, having the whole show, in high def, available would definitely be better.

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Not a big fan of religious music, so the band Ghost never really grabbed ny attention. The band somehow ended up in my Spotify list last night and I can’t get this song out of my head. The chorus is pretty catchy

Have to share another song!

I love listening to live music where the audience is singing along loudly. Even if I don’t even like the song, it can give me goosebumps.

In this video, it is a song that is very emotional even without a live version, and the angle which this was taken makes it all even more impressive.

The song is in Swedish, but the CCs gives a good idea what the song is about, even though there are some weird translations in there. Considering what is going on in Europe at the moment and how bravely Ukranians are fighting, this song hits the feels again…

The chorus translated:
Because a war
can destroy a man
I will give my life
for my fatherland
But who will miss me?
So, see me like this:
A husband, a friend
father and son
who will never return
But who will mourn over me?

(Sabaton is a Swedish band that sings exclusively about wars. Every album has a different theme. En Livstid I Krig is from an album about the 30 years war (1618-1648). There’s a Swedish and an English version of the album. If you’re into history, it’s a band worth checking out)


+1 vouch for Sabaton – I normally can’t stand metal but even I do like them.


Là-bas (Over There) - a French language duet with Canadian Natasha St-Pier and Florent Pagny. The man wants to go to “a new continent without bars” because “our dreams are so narrow here”, while the woman sings “there are storms and shipwrecks” and pleads “Don’t go!” (N’y va pas). One of my favourite songs, despite my modest knowledge of French.

My music buddy (my elderly cat Smokey) is currently on her way out. I have a weird habit of getting cats hooked on heavy metal (as bizarre as it sounds, it’s true. It helps that I don’t listen to my music insanely loud like most metalheads do, and that they end up associating music with cuddling), and Smokey’s one of them. Currently got this song in my head as a result.

Content warning: some lights, and the subject matter–while not actually about suicide–could easily be construed as such. It’s also a death-heavy song, as it’s literally about a man’s last words.

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Found someone who could be featured on NAR.

Before this thread closes, let me show you. … Adriano Celentano:

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An incredibly strange but fun-sounding song by Sparks
Quick content warning that this song does talk about mental health issues (and medicating those issues). The music video is also a Cyriak animation so be prepared for the trip that his works always are :laughing:

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I’m going to be at this song in a couple of days:

William DuVall, one of the song’s writer’s and the lead vocalist here, would later on join Alice in Chains when they reformed.

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You know Tom Lehrer?

I’d call this song: “contact tracing - the musical”

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