I think music is a pretty universal interest and I know I love finding new stuff to listen to, so why not create a little hub here to share it?

A few loose rules/suggestions to try and keep things a bit orderly:

  1. Please limit yourself to 1-2 songs per post!
    If you really want to share a large number of songs all at once, I’d encourage you to make and share a playlist instead :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. Content warnings (CWs) are always appreciated.
    You don’t have to go nuts with this, but a simple warning for things like blood/violence (mostly for music videos), foul/explicit/NSFW language or content, and/or a major focus on heavy topics is always nice since not everyone likes seeing or hearing about these things (especially without warning!).

  3. Please also warn about flashing/strobe lights if possible.
    Again, this is largely for music and live performance videos, but they are notorious for including lots of light shows and flashy transitions and we want to try to limit aggravating anyone’s health conditions don’t we?
    You can read a bit more about photosensitive seizures and their triggers here!

  4. "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all."
    This really shouldn’t have to be said but I’ve been on the internet long enough to know it probably does :slightly_frowning_face: We don’t need anyone insulting other people’s music tastes or making judgments on character solely based on who or what someone listens to.

  5. Don’t be afraid to elaborate on the music you share!
    Of course, this isn’t necessary at all but here are some suggested prompts:
    What genre is it? Why do you like it? Do any specific lyrics mean something to you? Do you happen to know any context, fun facts, or not-so-fun facts about the song? Maybe you want suggestions for similar songs or artists to listen to? Etc., etc.

If you want to offer music recommendations or if you happen to know something interesting about a song someone else posted, by all means, add on! But keep in mind this is a thread for music, not random celebrity gossip so make sure your additions reflect that :laughing:

I, like I’m sure many other people here, watched the newest season of The Witcher right when it aired on Netflix. Anyways, I found out soon after that Joey Batey (the actor that plays Jaskier the bard) is actually in a folk band called The Amazing Devil with a woman named Madeleine Hyland.

Admittedly, they are kind of an acquired taste but this is my favorite find so far, but I’m also a sucker for songs that gradually build up until the ending. It also gives a good show of Hyland’s vocal talents!

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I’m making a playlist of songs I have used or am going to use in my SimLit, when I get to that part again.

just a warning, one of the songs seem a bit NSFW or for NSFK for that matter.

made the Playlist (I have yet to get to Gen 8)

I added Thriller. I wanted to make sure the songs were in the right order from Gen 2( I dreamed a Dream) to Gen 7 (Literally Romance, to This is War) (if people want, I can link to the chapters I currently have where the song in question is sung bonus for the Secert song, I even have a little reference to PLL TV show in the SimLit chapter)

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This has been one of my favorites for a while now, made me re-discover Nightwish.
Floor Jansen is the best thing that happened to the band and her voice is amazing.

This is from a live show, so there will be flashing lights and stuff like that

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Got to have some Weird Al…


One of the OSTs from my favourite game (Trails in the Sky), most of them are wordless. I like how tranquil it is.

A Cat Relaxing in the Sun

Welp, I’ve been on a “worker solidarity, protest, and socialist folk songs” kick right now. I’ve got a whole playlist but my favourites are these (slightly outside the 1-2 songs rule but I don’t intend to add more)

This is, so far, my absolute favorite cover of this modern classic.

It might not be (pre-)Christmas yet, but I was reminded of this (I think) very funny and spot-on parody song.


A band I discovered last year, when I had YouTube with Autoplay on in the background. Looked for more and now I own all of their albums. Swedish Folk Rock:

And then there’s Bloodywood. Indian Metal.

Stuck in special interest. No need to send help I like it here. Found pretty lullaby cover that spoils nothing :slight_smile:

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I’ve been listening to the themes of interstellar and time and one might even say Zimmer’s work is, out of this world

this is by far my favorite rendition, I’m not sure why but this piece makes me feel tiny and insignificant and also like a giant roaming through a field of mice what do you guys think?


Hans Zimmer is a genius. The interstellar theme … wow. Just wow.

Two songs I’ve been listening to lately:

And I’m still trying to get rid of the Christmas Can-Can, that’s stuck in my head.


ah the can-can

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The Christmas Can-Can, Istvan_Kiss mentioned. I can’t say how often I already watched the video

You’re welcome :grin:

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When I was talking with my brother via Discord:

“No! No Santa! It’s february”

Several times…

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due to a story today here’s a song from R&H South Pacfic

CJR’s answer in the stereotypes game reminded me I wanted to share this weird music video for a kind of cool song here.

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I was trying to remember something but I couldn’t quiet remember it But I finally got it now