Murdoch mysteries trip

I wait for the DVDs to come down in price (or go on sale), so I just finished watching Season 13. However, please don’t worry about spoiling later seasons for me. By the time I watch them, I’ll probably have forgotten any spoilers, and I don’t get too upset about spoilers anyway.

Well, except for when Amazon’s home page spoiled the series finale for Buffy the Vampire Slayer the very next day—WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!


I just don’t know if I mentioned it but one thing annoying about the trip is the fact that when people started talking about certain episodes by the titles. And unlike something like Doctor Who its not shown after the cast members’ names. So it was a bit confusing for my Mom.

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Yes, that is annoying. I recently watched the BBC series Hustle (all 8 seasons) and not only were the episode titles not shown on TV, but different online episode guides had different names for the same episode.

Also, there are well over 150 episodes of Murdoch; most people won’t memorize them all. I’m watching another old TV series (also filmed in Toronto!) for about the 9th time. There are only 70 episodes, the title of each is shown at the start, and I still don’t have them all memorized.

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Yeah on Saturday, when I was trying to remember an episode I didn’t know the name of to the “Murdoch Film Location Expert” whom was also on the trip, I had to try to describe the episode as much as possible and she was able to tell me the episode I was talking about was “The Curse of Beaton Manor” since a location that Murdoch travels to in that episode was outside of a town, that was outside of the town my Mom’s parents lived in until 2012.

S1: Power, The Glass Celling, Knockdown (blood splatter, pig and Crabtree in a dress), Child’s Play, The Prince and the Rebel, and the last epoxide is called the Annoying Red Planet

S2: Mild, Mild West, Snakes and Ladders (I wonder if the episode got renamed in the UK to Chutes and Ladders?), The Green Muse (and I’m SO MAD at CBC Gem for cutting out an important part of Jilliam ((Julia/William ship name)) relationship! aka Julia asking William for “protection” after they partake in the titular drink), Big Murder on Campus , I, Murdoch, Werewolves,

S3: Murdoch Identity (I wonder if they borrowed that title from Bourne Identity?), Victor, Victoria, Curse of Beaton Manor, Telsa Effect (first mention of the idea of a “potato cooking room”)

S4: Bufflo Shuffle, Upstairs, Downstairs, Dead End Street (2nd eposide to feature an austic person, first eposide was S1: Let Loose the Dogs), Dial M for Murdoch (would be nice if we could see the former phone operator again whom went and tried to open up her own detective agency, maybe she and Freddie Pink could be rivials with each other?), Murdoch in Wonderland

S5: Murdoch in Toyland, Murdoch Night in Canada, Stroll on the Wild Side (some people like myself think that part 1 of this eposide this might have been when Anna you know birds and the bees which made Harry Jr because Murdoch was “late to work” after a little kissy time the night previous), War on Terror,

S6: Murdoch Air, the Ghost of Queen’s Park, Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom, Crime and Punishment and Murdoch Trap,

With regards to the Snakes and Ladders question, highly unlikely. We use snakes rather than chutes in our board games. It makes chess rather interesting…

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