Murdoch mysteries trip

Mom and I left on Monday morning. We checked into the hotel and then got our back of goodies (umbrella with the show’s name, a plastic little cup, glass water bottle a notebook with pen, and a pencil which says “property of Station house 4”) from the Tour Director Andrew.

Around 1:45pm, the group got together (32 people) and we were in two groups and we walked around Toronto a bit. There was a “special” surprise of a “police constable” there and he he went back and forth between the two groups. After a bit it took him awhile to get back to our group because we were a bit far ahead. But one place we stopped is where supposedly, when Mark Twain, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have had lectures at (and presumably, also where Murdoch and Odgen had their event which they showed off their book that they wrote with Crabtree’s help) which is about 15 mins from where Station House 4 was moved too (near Art Galley of Ontario) after it moved from somewhere else.

We then returned to the hotel for awhile and then around 6:45pm we got ready for the Gala event. We went to Casa Loma . The Cocktail hour took place in the Conservatory of the building and the first hour was “cocktails” and some appetizers (the only two appetizers Mom and I didn’t have was sliders and another app which was raw meat) and Mom had I had ginger ale. Arwen, the actor who plays Mrs. Brackenreid, saw us hanging around and came over to talked to mom and I. She’s a lot younger then she looks on the show. We then a little bit later went over to where Claire was, who plays George’s love interest Effie. She’s a lot taller then she is on the show. Then Mom and i looked around the place even though we been there a few times before.

Then we went back down and it was eventually time for supper-Mom and I were with two people from Shaftsbury, the production company at our table. One of them- said she was one of the original naysayers about the idea of this trip-didn’t think it was successful. The other woman, Rebecca, who, we would be seeing a lot of during the trip- because she came with us on the trip for the next several days. After the meal (three courses)- Rebeca got up and asked the people associated w/ the book or show to talk about the show. (Mom said later to me, Rebeca, and others- that it would have been nice to have a hand held microphone so we would hear people since we were on the other side of the room from Peter Mitchel the show runner and his voice sometimes dropped off). We then went back to the hotel to get ready for bed for the next day.

The next day (Tuesday) we packed our suitcases and then went downstairs for breakfast we dropped off the suitcases with Andrew and went to breakfast. And then afterwards we twiddled our thumbs until it was time to get on the bus to go to Kingston. On way to Kingston our only rest stop was at a tourist place know to Ontarians in at least Eastern Ontario as “The Big Apple”. So mom and I looked around but didn’t buy anything. The “Canadian expert” gave out a piece of paper which had basically word quiz sort of simliar (but not) to the the Word Jumbles that @Stephen posted on the site before my trip. And the coach went up to near the capital and went out on the St. Lawrence River and had a lovely 3-hour lunch cruise. We had to choose the main course. After that we went to the old jail up there that has been on Murdoch more then once The group was split into 2 groups-and Mom and my group went first and we learned a lot of stuff about the jail. There were 3 riots there and the last one was in the 1970s and because as TV tropes put it, a “self-fulling prophecy” . Somehow in the 1971 there was rumours going around the inmates thinking they would be moving to another prison, and they thought the conditions at that prison were even worse then the conditions at the currently prison, and due to all the trouble they caused (ie: rioting) they jail had nowhere to put the inmates except (other jail). When we were in one of the other sections of the jail- we noticed the doors were chained open and the tour guide told us two stories about people being really stupid when being there. We then went to the hotel, checked in and went to our room it was a “fend for ourselves supper”. I got some food and a drink at a convivence store and then we went to bed.

The next day Wednesday we packed our suitcases again, went downstairs with them and dropped them off in the longue. We accidently made the poor front desk run after us with the vouchers for breakfast!. Got breakfast and Mom had to run out to get the correct kind of batteries for her camera (had gotten wrong ones last night) and then we returned to the bus. On the bus we saw the episode of Murdoch called “Murdoch takes Manhattan”, and a bit of “With Love, from Buffalo”. On the rest stop nearby Peterborough we almost left someone behind! What mom and I didn’t understand is that a lot of people got food at this one rest stop and get when we got to Peterborough we would be getting lunch. We got to Peterborough and we learned that for a bit that town was known as “City of lights” because they’re first city to have electric lighting so because of it the Quaker Company, and Pepsi and General Electric (formerly Edison).

We went to a place called the Mount/mound, and we got to see the interior of the building and going up to the 3rd floor and saw the place where Dr. Odgen was hurt badly in one season. We then went to lunch and it was just two courses- a lovely salad, and then a dessert. When we were waiting for people to finish dessert, someone asked Andrew if he had any “weird” guests and he said he did. Also the Canadian expert gave us some interesting word quizzes and we then went over the previous’ days quiz, and this one.

We then got back on the bus and headed up to Lake Simcoe, we stopped at the church where the “modern day” plot line at least of the episode of “Shipwrecked” was filmed (We tried to watched it on the bus). One of the other women on the tour had been a a student there and gotten married to her husband there -she could even get keys to the door.

The three glass windows at the front of the Church were from the original church in the UK had they had to be packed in Molasses for safety. Mom and i looked around the graveyard, and Mom and I found the graves for the Sybidd family. We then went to the Briars Resort and Spa. Mom and I went to our rooms after getting keys and then we had to figure out where the pool was (Mom left and then came back). We then got our gear together and went 2 the pool- shallow end 3 feet deep. After a bit we went into the whirlpool.

We were in there with two men -one on the tour and the other after 1st men got out was our bus driver. We then got out and got dressed and headed back to the room too get ready for supper. Was a lovely supper. Then went back to room and we had to get up REALLY early on Thursday morning.

Got up got suitcases ready, and got breakfast (only day of the week I had a cup of coffee, and unlike normal stuff-it was quite strong). And then we got onto the coach for Niagara Falls. We got there around 11:50. We had a half-hour to look around it was amazing being at the falls and I haven’t been there since I was a baby in arms. We then got back on the bus and then went to Niagara-on-the-lake and had a lot of free time. Mom and I got some ice cream and since we weren’t going to be going to the winery for supper-we looked for some food. We found a Thai place and had supper around 4:30pm. We had tickets later for the play “The importance of Being Earnest” . Since supper was over quickly we went back to the hotel and then we left for the play. It was interesting reading in the program/playbill about the “History of Tea” and it was really interesting about the tourism industry’s misconception about “High tea” which are severed in Posh hotels like the Royal York and the Prince of Wales hotel.

Got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Was a bit annoying that we had to wait two order breakfast unlike the other 3 hotels where there was a buffet. After we got our suitcases down and got on the bus. We started out our first stop was a Pioneer village where the church there had been filmed for an Episode called “Colour blind”, The mill also in the village was also used for at least one episode: “Rich boy, poor boy” ( my commentary-between Bobby Brackenreid being kidnapped accidently in that eposide and in another episode where he fished a corpse out of the lake with his Dad and brother, no wonder as of Season 14 he’s kind of messed up), and the barn there has been used for some “fires” in some epsodies. When we got back on the bus, we almost left the Tour director behind!.

But after that, one of the other women on the bus-one who talked about bits about Murdoch places-handed out a very hard Murdoch Quiz (For any Murdochian on here-do you want to help me with some answers once I fish it out of my mom’s purse?-don’t worry there’s no Season 16 spoilers in it -only up to Season 15). Also watched more Murdoch episodes. One I don’t know what it was called but had to do with a dog show and had Ruth Newsome.

We had a stop in Dundas Ontario at the Scottish Wright -the grounds were used in “Murder on Campus”, and inside, the private theatre was used in the Dog show eposide, and also in the earlier episode with the Shakespearean actors-if there’s railings where the audience is that’s the house. Currently ( as of Season 15)-a bunch of rooms in the bottom floor were used for Miss Hart’s and Arthur Carmichael’s house. The room opposite it, was the ballroom originally from “Snake and Ladders” and also is the Carmichael’s restaurant.

The upstairs (As we were going 2 the theatre) was where an exhibition for the guy who filmed “Nanook of the North”. Also where a guy was “reaped” in the logging episode. We then went to the stuido lot and got Covid testing (everyone but 1 person passed). We had for lunch on the bus, something that’s called a “craft lunch” it’s basically what the actors (and i presumably crew) would have. It was quite nice actually being on set after only seeing pics and videos of it for so many years. We got to talk to the Prop master and one of the two things from previous episodes I can tell you were there in the prop storage was James Pendrick’s car, and the book Solving Murder by William Murdoch and Julia Odgen. Mom and I weren’t really interested in the dummies (or dummy parts) on the other end. We did get some hints of upcoming Season 16 episodes but I will have to learn when I will get the two episodes here, and calculate when Americans will get the episodes and when the Brits get it). We got to see a set being dressed for a “hot set” but didn’t actually get to see any filming but we did get to see Higgins (whose actor’s real last name is Actually Murdoch) and the show’s Murdoch (Bisson)… I think that Bisson, was really thrilled about having fans on set for the first time in awhile (even pre-Pandemic). It’s really amazing at how many people are involved beside the actors (and director)-the costume people, the prop department, the set builders. Actually we saw a couple of “Floating sets” as well as the more permeant sets of - Station House 4. We then went to the hotel and checked in and went up to our rooms. Eventually Mom and I went out and got some food and brought it back 2 hotel w/ us. And we were able to get an early night.

We got up for breakfast and then got ready to get on the bus for Corktown. As we were going to turn down the road, to meet up with Maureen Jennings- we passed by Allan Park where the first eposide “Power” was shot-so first appearance of all the characters including 2 recurring characters- Nickolas Telsa, and Edna Garrison aka later Brooks. Maureen had two “special constables” waiting for us to help with today’s morning tour since it’s a bit difficult to cross in places. She talked about customs of the time at various stops-one of the stops was where Book!Murdoch lives and it’s 3 houses kind of together but with different addresses. Apparently one of her inspirations for Murdoch was of course Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

When we got to the last full stop -she explained she had Book!Murdoch be different from the rest of Toronto by being an Irish Catholic so there would be a bit of a chanllange for him. After seeing the outside of what had been a brewery we had a lunch at a pub. The one constable who helped out had to “pretend” to be called away to help Brackenreid with some problem elsewhere (in reality he had to go to 2 auditions in the afternoon). And Maureen’s husband was selling the 25th anniversary edition of one of Maureen’s early Murdoch books. I don’t know which one it is, but Mom brought me one and had it signed by Maureen but I wouldn’t be seeing it until Christmas.

We had a lovely lunch, and then went back to the hotel to basically twiddle our thumbs till it was time to get on the bus 2 supper. The supper was in the rotating restaurant on the top of the CN Tower. It was quite good and it was even more amazing when we saw Peter, who plays Terence Meyers (quiz for you, why do you think I’m italic that name every time I type it?) and when he got to our table (the 2nd time) Mom even told him he was a “very annoying character”. And that’s basically was the trip besides coming home today.


Glad you had a good time!

Do you mind if i make a suggestion? I know others have pointed out the distinction when to use who, and when to use whom, but you still seem to be confused. Practically every instance of “whom” above is wrong; “who” is the correct word.

My suggestion is this: stop using the word “whom”.

Nowadays “who” can be easily used instead of “whom”. It might not be quite correct in accordance with proper grammar, but it’s close enough. And there are so many people that use who instead of whom, the mistake is barely noticeable.

Conversely, “whom” will almost never fit instead of “who”. When used incorrectly, it is jarring to the reader. I can guarantee that anyone reading your original words would have noticed every incorrect use of “whom” and had to stop to re-read those sentences. Whereas if you used “who”, no one would have thought anything about it.

In short, if you use “who” all the time, you will almost certainly be using the correct word, be it grammatically or colloquially. If you use “whom” all the time, you’ll almost certainly be using the wrong word.


Could you tell me where I need to fix in my situation? Because when I’m not sure where I’m suppose to “fix” it- I can’t techinally fixed it. Like when I’m talking about the actors at the Gala Event? I should be using “Arwen, who plays Mrs. Brackenreid, instead of Whom plays Brackenreied” and “Claire who plays Effie Newsome, George’s love interest”?

Replace every single use of the word “whom” with “who”.

Arwen, the actor whom plays Mrs. Brackenreid, saw us hanging around and came over to talked to mom and I. She’s a lot younger then she looks on the show. We then a lit bit latter went over to where Claire was, whom plays George’s love interest Effie

Also, lit bit latter should be little bit later. Latter (double t) has a different meaning; you need the word later (single t)

But after that, one of the other women on the bus-one whom talked about bits about

The upstairs (As we were going 2 the theatre) was where an exhibition for the guy whom filmed “Nanook of the North”.

The one constable whom helped out had to “pretend” to be called away to help Brackenreid

It was quite good and it was even more amazing when we saw Peter, whom plays Terence Meyers

Edited to add: to be clear… you can do a straight swap of who for whom; the sentences won’t need restructuring.


In future, if you can’t remember which word to use, and which word to avoid, try this:

Dr Who exists
Dr Whom doesn’t


You use “who” when they are the person doing the thing, “whom” when they are the person being affected by the thing.

“This it the man whom I saw yesterday” - you saw him.
“This is the man who saw me yesterday” - he saw you.

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and what if I’m talking about the actors who play characters on the show like I am with Arwen, Claire, and Peter?

okay I think I fixed it,

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How I remember the difference:

Who gives a present to whom?

Anyway, that sounds like a great trip. Is it your first time doing a mystery tour like this?

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Well it was our first time doing a “behind the scenes look” at a show we are fans of and to hang out with fellow Murdoch fans. There wasn’t any mysteries to solve for us (except for that one trick question on the word quiz that someone handed out- I thought the woman was playing a video game!).

there was a couple from Florida and there was someone from Brooklin, and there was someone from Minnesota. There was 2 women from UK-one of them entered a contest and won. There was one woman from Calgary. But most of us came from various places in Ontario.

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I didn’t see this one earlier

Rebeca, whom, we would be seeing a lot of during the trip

Change to:

Rebecca, who we would be seeing a lot of during the trip

(Typo in name, whom to who, and lose the other comma)

Oh my god! This sounds like it was so much fun! (And totally down to help you with that quiz if you’d like)

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What an awesome trip! If they do it again, it will probably be a bit smoother, but I bet the folks on any later trips won’t get to meet so many of the folks involved with the show.

“…didn’t actually get to see any filming…”

That would have been the icing on the cake, but I’m not surprised that it didn’t happen. When they are filming, too much is at risk to allow a bunch of people to watch. For one thing, the microphones are super sensitive!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up, I really enjoyed reading it!

PS Do you ever contribute to the Murdoch Mysteries wiki? I add / correct stuff there sometimes. Murdoch Mysteries Wiki | Fandom

Like I said, we did get to see them “re-dressing” for a “hot set”. And i got some hints about upcoming episodes… one of which is next Monday’s episode, and the following one. Plus some others.

i read the fandom wiki , but I don’t add anything. Oh on the section talking about Season 16? Read “Scottish Rite”… that’s one of the places I visited. One of the other women on the tour the “show location expert” mentioned Port Hope on the trip being used a lot.

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By the way, you can post spoilers. Just put before the spoiler, and after the spoiler. It will be like this

aaarghhh…. I’ll fix this later

Technically we were told on Day 2 “not to mention” about spoilers for upcoming episodes online since I think UK has only Season 15, and (Canada’s) neighbours to the South (Americans) only I believe finished Season 15. And wouldn’t get Season 16 until Feb.

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Oh, okay!

The US only has through season 15 at the moment yeah

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Might i ask what eposide of Season 15 the States are on?

They finished airing I believe. I watch on AcornTV and have about 3 episodes left to watch as my housemates and I rarely have time to watch.