Movie Recs

I thought we could have a thread for movie recs. I’ll start us off;

Title: Love and Monsters
Streaming: Yes
Streaming where: Amazon Prime
Length: 1 hour 45 minutes give or take

It’s post apocalypse. The world is full of monsters. Our hero sets off to find the girl he left behind.

What I loved about this movie:

I feel like it had flavors of Tremors and Hunger Games in it. If you’ve seen Sky High on Disney+ the opening kind of reminds me of that. Great action, a couple of eww parts and a couple of OMG SOMETHING IS GONNA DIE parts. But nothing too too scary. Lots of fun all around.


I don’t have a rec, I just wanted to comment bc I thought it was funny that the number code on a post about movies is 1984

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