Mom not telling me about Dads stress test -AIBU for being upset?

So I talked to my aunt (who is my moms twin sister) the other day. She’s in a nursing home and I try to call her regularly especially now that they’re quarantined again. She told me that she knew about my aunt being in the hospital (dad’s sister in law) and my dad having a stress test. I did not know about it. My mom, dad and I talk on a regular basis and we always tell each other everything.

So AIBU for being upset that she didn’t tell me?

I’m not sure what kind of medical test a stress test is, or exactly who is who in this since you don’t mention your mom anywhere? Have you talked to your parents about the stress test?

You’re entitled to feel upset and worried for your dad, but don’t forget he is also allowed to keep his medical information private if he wants to.

I mentioned my mom in the title. I apologize for not being clearer. A stress test is usually done for heart problems.

My aunt who told me is my moms twin sister. My dad is also diabetic. So that makes a difference. I’m 49 years old. I know that my parents have a right to their privacy. But I really didn’t think they’d keep something like this from me. We’ve always been open. Plus they know I talk to my aunt on a regular basis and I’m sure they’d rather have heard it from them not her.

I see. I can understand why that would be concerning for your dad’s health.
Could you approach it from that angle, like they must have just forgotten to mention it, but ask them if the results were serious/how dad’s health is looking because of course you’re concerned if he is unwell and want to help if necessary?

For a first time issue that’s usually the technique I use, assuming the best and offering lots of face-saving excuses. If it starts to happen more then you can address the pattern, you know you can tell me anything, etc.


Will do. Thank you.

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I’ll guess that you and they may not tell everything when something will cause worry and you don’t have an opportunity to do something about it. It’s time to tell maybe when someone gets put onto new medication. Old people always have medication. You could buy your dad a bigger pill organiser…