Mom isn't looking at ministry website for community funding

I’m really ticked off with Mom. She’s keeps “putting off looking at the ministry website” for the information I keep telling her HASN’T changed about the tempoary community funding. If it wasn’t for the fact she doesn’t seem to trust my word -I wouldn’t be bugging her about checking herself it only will take 5 minutes tops.

On Tuesday we finally got the 'big envelope" we been waiting for from the community funding (we send it back on Friday). But apparently they send the pre-Covid standard documents (so nothing about special funding). So technically in normal times stuff like streaming services, web cameras, and computers/laptops among other things are consider inadmissible expenses (but there can be exceptions made).

Now during Covid as of April 2020 -the ministry’s website shows that the inadmissible expenses are considered essential. The only changes from what I can see on the ministry website is something which doesn’t apply to me (as of October 1st another wage increase for support workers). But nothing else has changed.

Now I keep wanting Mom to look at the ministry website herself-but she’s saying “She’s too exhausted” from X or Y. Like as of Thursday night she didn’t want to look at the website because “She was too exhausted from the forms” but yet she was right ON a computer at the time. And she’s too exhausted when she comes home from church. And for the next 2 weeks I know from experience she’ll be exhausted from baking for the bazaar.

So she’lll find any excuse not to look at it-but she also doesn’t seem to trust my word that the ONLY thing about the temp funding is about another wage increase for support workers so I’m a little ticked off about that.