Misleading about 2020 Park get together

Normally in summer my day-program has “picnics” at their lakeside park. I’m normally can only attend 3 (sometimes I can only attend 2). Like the June one will be a Thursday, July one a Monday-which I always miss due to other commitments, and August, one A Thursday and then Sept one a Monday.

Well in late July 2020-the then main leader “T” send out an email saying they’re thinking of having a get-together in the first week of August at the park. I sent back a reply asking questions like “What day of the week is it?” or “do we need to bring food?” and didn’t hear back. I assumed it was on a Thursday because Monday was a holiday.

“T” wrote back it had been on a Friday but no one showed up. But why would we show up on a Friday when nothing with our program happens on a Friday? The semi-monthly get-together at Tim Horton’s restaurant isn’t really associated with day-program. And “T” also claims that there was “only a limited amount of people who could sign up” despite it being NOWHERE in the original email.